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  1. Hi Guys I have looked at a post about this issue but it was with FM16 so hopefully you can help with FM17 which I am playing. I have completed 16/17 season as winners of the Van National South and in Van National League now. In my first season only my Under 18s had fixtures which did happen. In my second season now (mid Aug 17) and even though I got told both my Under 23s and Under 18s were being placed in leagues they have no competitions and have no fixtures? This is essentially ruining my game as I cannot get fitness for my rotation or youth players? If this is a bug why so? I saw that FM 16 it only happened with FC United, Ebbsfleet and one or two others in the non-leagues a lot? Hope you can help and let me know if you need my save. I do have a save from early in the game before much had happened but equally if it could be saved on my latest save then I don't mind sorting for the next season? I know this is not your current game but hope you can at least just tell me "no help sorry". Thanks and keep up the more social interaction you have been doing now on youtube etc! myteaman
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