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  1. I have the same issue which I started a new thread about....sorry. Back to back promotions with Luton after starting unemployed, cannot get a job (have applied for loads) just starting the 2023/24 season and I am in Europe qualifiers (for Euro Cup) but still cant get a job. It's boring with Luton, I don't like them anywhere and I want to win everything in all countries I have loaded (England, Spain, Italy and Germany). Makes my purchase of this game pointless as I am now back on my old 2017 game instead.
  2. Hi, I have searched for this but maybe I have searched badly so apologies if this is a repeat question. I started unemployed and managed to get the Luton job. I have had back to back promotions and after surviving my first season in the PL I have got 9th and 8th position respectively (I think) and just finished 2022/23 season. Also semi final of League and FA Cups. But I cannot get a job, I have applied for a number of Jobs (Spain, Italy and Germany are the other leagues) as I want to win everything in each country like I did on fm2017. But I cant. I even tried to apply for a lower league job and still nothing. Because of all the applications my loyalty had dropped to 4, but now it is back at 7. Is this a bug, am I unlucky or am I doing something wrong? Please help
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