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  1. i want to do it to all the players, including those who has only 1 year left how can i do it?
  2. is there a way for me to mass reduce every player in the game contract by 1 year? by that also making players with 1 year left to their contracts free agents
  3. why do you think you'll get a new stadium? arsenal have a pretty new one
  4. i just spent the entire window do get foden price down managed to get it up to 20 milion pounds, and then he goes for tottenahm FML
  5. i think so as well, but i just got the urge to clean the house after the last season irl
  6. wow you actually sold everyone and 100 mil for iwobi that's crazy
  7. I started with un update so my first season is the one i am in, 2019-2020 helfway thrugh the season i got kicked out the carbaro cup and the fa cup while i'm sitting in second 6 points behind liverpool. just can't get rid of ozil hope for batter luck with it in this ofseason
  8. how do you think i should sign: Presnel Kimpembe for 24.5 milion pound and 130k for week or Clément Lenglet for 13.5 milion pound and 90k for week I'm in my second season my cb's are: sheaf,sokratis,harmoso(from espanyol),chambers and holding
  9. i actually got a bit from bayren for him without even actively selling him, a first for sure
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