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  1. I checked this forum & google, but there are no complete guideline regarding the player roles & positioning/movement. There are bits by bits of information but mostly incomplete. Can any one summarized a complete player roles guideline for all position? Example: Roaming Playmaker - The player moves less than the box to box midfielder, loping around the field and preferring to find pockets of space and focus on interceptions in defence. - His primary focus is obtaining the ball when out of possession. - When attacking, he surges forward from deep whilst on the ball, attempting to take on the opposition with dribbling in order to open up space for others. Box to Box Midfielder -Non-stop motion, contributing in defence and attack, getting in tackles, blocks and interceptions and charging upfield to take shots and provide assists.
  2. I was wondering what is the best midfield role for a 433? I am playing Roaming Mid - Deep Lying (D) - Roaming Mid in a 3 midfield system. Instructions are central passing + work into box @ control mentality # Forwards are 2 IF & 1 CF - all support
  3. Hahahaha...it happens I tried a trick and it kinda work so far~ I always start with FB (S) then if the wingers are performing very well, I will switch to (D) on that side. Seems to reduce the attacking on that side
  4. Dear United Fans, Have you able to successfully kick off Season 1 without buying new players? Share your tactics here~
  5. Actually I played Zlatan as AF, supported by 2 IF (S) sitting narrow. I find Zlatan quite effective in that role, although the suitability rating is orange. He knows when to pass, hold, or shoot. IMO better than Lukaku (tis dude perform better with TM (S/A)) Playing Zlatan as TM, I find him getting long term injury too often. Example, once he fully fit from injury in Season 1. I played him as TM, and in 2 3 games he got injured for 5 months. After he came back in Season 2, I played him as AF which lasted about 3 months before I switched back to TM - again injured 6 months Based on my save file, I find Zlatan too fragile for TM role - more effective as DLF or AF
  7. My Formation (Manchester United) ---------------------AF (A)------------------- ---IF (S) --------------------------- IF (S)--- -------------RPM (S) --- DLP (D)--------- --------------------RGA (S)------------------ FB (A) --- CD (D) --- CD (D) --- FB (A) Can someone advise what is the potential risk I am facing with this system? I am using Season1 Manchester United squad. Facing issue to get goals...like 0
  8. Mainly while defending. Not much during counter attack. All my CD & DM will be in the box. While my FB mark the wide player in the box, the other FB marked the crosser. Still with 4-5 men in the box, the cross always arrive at the far post and that 1 attacker in the box will score for sure. Problem is this happens in both lower & upper league team matches. The only reason I'm asking is that it happens only in Switch. I tried running the same tactics in both PC & Switch the same time, every save file only the Switch have tis problem.
  9. I am conceding goals from wide attackers almost all the matches. Example: - Mo Salah once he get the ball at the wide area, he crossed to far post then someone finish. (Vice Versa both flanks) This happens no matter which team I fight with or Which ever formation I use in the game If I instruct FB to mark wide attacker, the opponent FB will cross from deep > same goal again. Is this bug or what?
  10. Does Switch version have bug in match engine? I have both PC & ipad version and do not have this issue. The last time I had this experience was with FM16 (worse of all) then FM17 (but was fixed within a week with patch). FM18 PC & iPad was perfect for me - balanced and not much issue. Tactics: I only switch between 1 or 2 tactics per season (typically just positioning of the Midfielder; either CM or DM position) I buy the players according to the roles I want to play (to ensure those player best fit my system) I adjust the instructions only when necessary in game (not randomly changing from time to time). Players Attack - Sanchez, Dybala, Bale Midfield - Pogba, Matic, Sergei Mili.. Defence - Raphael, Bailley, Dier, Pierra Goalkeeper - De Gea Problem: Winning 5 games & losing 5 games consecutively randomly almost like a pattern. Opponent scoring almost all from far post crossing regardless of big or small teams. Inconsistency in players & team performance throughout 3 seasons. Midfielder cannot hold and losing possession like crazy or just standing like dummy. Attack missing open goals or looks like panic with stupid pass or shoot - how is it possible to miss at 3 on 1 with goalkeeper so many times in 1 match??? Even with the players I have, I feels like playing the 21 Squad in Premier League.... ADVISE???
  11. Bugs on Game Engine? I played both FM18 on PC & FMT 18 on iPad (family device) iPad version was bought 2 weeks before Switch released so don't ask why buying twice - I'm a FAN I do not have trouble with both PC and iPad so far but the Switch got me concern. The inconsistency is just too much on the Switch model. With United I was winning and losing randomly. My attack : Dybala, Sanchez, Bale Midfield : Pogba, Matic, Sergej Milinkovic But my strikers are missing open goals and midfield can't hold Losing to bottom teams and if top league teams 4 / 5 goals. This continues for 3 seasons. Worse is the opponent always scores far post goal regardless of team. Tried: 1. Using only 1 or 2 formation per season 2. Using the role which fits for players but depending on tactics i used 3. Even watch the whole match and tweak accordingly. ...again I have no issue with PC and iPad platform
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