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  1. Yo, if ya'll could take a break from arguing for a second I just have quick question about the actual skin, where the low res version at??
  2. I have done that already. I have tried to get help with this from just about everyone. Nobody has come up with a solution for the problem. It could a skinning issue considering the source of it might be something that came in a skin folder.
  3. Since yesterday I have been dealing with a problem that absolutely nobody has a solution for. Keeping this simple, while I was playing FM19 yesterday I got a few different LOGGED TO CHANNEL ERRORS. After those popped up the game went crazy. All kinds of random, fake players started showing up on my team and a bunch of other ones. Nothing could be done with them, edited, moved, terminated, nothing. And, all of them had ridiculous attribute values. I have done everything possible to fix the issue, including restoring my laptop to factory settings, reinstalling the OS and reinstalling Steam and FM19. I was hoping doing this would clear the issue up. It did not. When I started a new save from scratch the random players still showed up on ever team. And, even more confusing, a bunch of player faces were showing up on their profile pages and certain kits were showing up on the club information pages. They faces were from the cutout face pack and the kits were FC12 Kits. I have used both every year i have played FM. This is crazy because after the factory restore I was not using any face packs, kit packs, third party skins, logos, or anything else in the save. I didn't even have any of those things downloaded onto the laptop this time around. How could those things possibly be showing up after I was running everything from scratch? When the errors started showing up yesterday I was using FLUT Skin Dark. I had never used that skin before. I have never gotten any errors with any other face pack. I do not know if this problem came from something that had to do with that skin or not. What I need to know, does anyone know where those player faces and kits might be cached somewhere? It seems like this is a Steam and FM problem but I have no idea how those graphics keep showing up when I don't have any graphics on my laptop. Could it be something I can fix with the resource archiver? If anyone can figure out what this crap is I will owe you my life. This problem is crazy and I cannot figure out what to do with it.
  4. Quick update on this big problem... I decided to wipe my laptop completely with a factory restore, which finished up not too long ago. This basically gave me a brand new laptop and OS with all new programs, folders, drives, etc, right? I installed Steam and then FM19. After the restore its like installing everything for the very first time, right? Well, I started a new save with Man City, went to a player profile and clicked through the roster. Everything looked normal. There were no player pictures or any other graphics showing up just as it would be when playing the game for the first time with nothing additional added. No editor data, no logos, kits or anything like that. I decided to take a look at Saint Etienne because that was my team in the save where it all went bad yesterday. I opened a player profile and it looked normal. No graphics, the attributes looked fine, it was looking good. I clicked to see the next player profile and, boom, it was a damn random player with ridiculous attribute values just like yesterday. As I went through the rest of the roster, random player after random player. I went back to Man City and random player after random player added to the roster. Not only that, and this is what I cannot figure out at all, player pictures started showing up in their profiles, faces from the cut out facepack that I have used over the last couple of years. And, FC12 kits started showing up on the Club Information page I looked at. I just finished putting my laptop back to factory settings, I do not have any skins, any face packs, kit packs or anything else anywhere on my laptop and a face pack and kit pack show up after the restore? This is a mess! I have not heard from anyone in support. The support at SEGA told me to come here and work with the admins. What the heck do I do with this? I cannot get any help with this problem. Why can't anyone communicate with me to help me figure this out. Are the admins and support people clueless as to what this problem is, so they are just avoid dealing with it? I have read through a number of other posts from people that have had this come up, recently and going back a few years. I have not seen a solution provided to any of them. All the responses tell them to do is delete the cache and preferences folders and then verify the files. There is nothing after that. That process does nothing for this. This is a huge problem that could infect anyones game at any time. The game is unplayable for me now. All files gone. I have played this game almost every day for the last few years. There is nothing I can do with it at this point. If any of this additional info that came about today gives anyone an idea what this, please let me know. You have no idea how much I would appreciate it. Thanks
  5. Yes. Yesterday I removed all extra files, skins, logopacks, facepacks, everything, took it down to the bare minimum. I uninstalled the game and cleared out any related files. I reinstalled the game, set up a new save using only one country as playable and the random players still showed up. I believe they are similar to Regen players. Only nothing can be done with them. They aren't even assigned to the team. I tried using the Move to Other Club with the editor and that didn't even work. Something I remembered last night and maybe this will help figure this out, while playing the game yesterday, out of the blue a started getting Channel Logged warnings. One after another for a bit. I never had that happen so I didn't think much of it. This issue started after those popped up. This morning I wiped my laptop completely to start from scratch. I removed all files as well as the Steam program and files. I have just finished reinstalling everything. I have no idea if this will solve the issue. We will see. Even if it does, what happened yesterday, that forced me to lose every bit of information, all my saves, everything I have pulled together over the last couple of years, is a big problem. It has happened to other players and I have yet to see anyone come up with the reason why or a reasonable solution. They need to figure out what causes this.
  6. When this issue started earlier today, the first thing I did was shut the game down, remove all skin files, logo packs, face packs, etc. I deleted the cache and preferences folders and validated the files through Steam. Once all of that was done I downloaded all new files for everything I removed. I reloaded my game and the problem was still there. So, I shut the game down, did all the same things I did earlier in the day, uninstalled and reinstalled the game and then I reloaded the save. The only difference being, I did not reinstall any of the skins, graphics, etc. like I did earlier in the day. The game was basically at basic factory settings. The problem was still happening.
  7. I have removed all added graphics and data. I cleared everything out. However, earlier today I did the same thing, cleared everything out and then reloaded the skins, graphics and data I use which did not work either. I have tried everything I can think of to fix this. Nothing is working.
  8. I posted this information in the general discussion about 2 hours ago and I have yet to have anyone respond with a possible solution. So, I am posting it here in hopes that one of you knows what I am dealing with. Earlier today I was getting some FM19 time in when something I have never experienced before happened. I clicked on the team sidebar icon, which took me to my roster of players as you all know. I clicked on my keepers name, pulling up his profile and then began clicking through the rest of my roster. The first 3 or 4 player profiles came up as they always do. Out of nowhere, the next player profile was completely random. The name was showing on the full roster page anywhere, it was not a reserve player or U19 team player. The name of the player does not show up on any FM databases that I searched through. In addition to this, I am not able to do anything with the player. I cannot edit anything, there is no information under any other tab. When I clicked on the contract tab, the only drop down was, Offer Contract, as we see when signing a new player from another team. Nothing happened when I clicked on that. I could not terminate the players contract, move him to another team and as you will see in the image provided some of the attribute values are crazy. Heading was something like 175!! When I clicked to move to the next player on the roster I was taken to another random player. I went through 5 or 6 random players before I got to the next guy actually on my roster. To make things worse, the attribute values for the real players were suddenly crazy too. I shut the game down, uninstalled it, I cleared out every add-on and all graphics, skins, views, filters, etc. I deleted the cache and preference folders. I removed all editor data. I did every single thing that needed to be done. I restarted the game in its most basic format, no added graphics, editor files, it was like playing the game for the very first time. I ran into the same exact problem when I was going through my players. Does anyone have any idea what the heck is going on? I have no idea what to do. I have never seen anything like this before. Please help me out here. My FM19 is infected with something!!
  9. Its more than broken my friend. I went back to see if I could get things fixed and all kinds of random players started showing up! Every one of them had crazy attribute values and the names got really strange. I have never seen anything like it.
  10. I apologize if this is being posted in the wrong place. I was enjoying my day, getting some FM19 time in and out of nowhere, while scrolling through my players profiles, a random player come out of nowhere. I cannot edit the player. I cannot remove him from the team. I cannot move him to my reserve or U19 team. It shows the player as on the roster but, when I click the contact tab all I see is, Offer Contract, as you would see when you are signing a new player or coach. Has anyone had this happen? What could the issue be? And, how do I fix it? I have provided the random players profile and a shot showing the full roster, where his name is nowhere to be found on it. Thanks in advance.
  11. Got it. Thanks buddy. I really appreciate it. I tried everything, accept what you told me to do, and nothing was happening. I was really confused. This is going to make things so much more efficient! I don't think I have gotten past the damn friendlies because of this issue. I got so frustrated having to make adjustments twice. Again, thanks. Have a good one.
  12. Nope. Nope, I did not. I was not aware that I needed to do that. You think that's the problem? Since there is no recommended CA with coaches, do you just come up with a value? Does it have to reflect what the attributes would demand?
  13. I have to apologize if I am going about this incorrectly. I can usually figure things out on my own but, I cannot get this issue solved. As you will see in the images posted, the one I have made changes to a coaches non-tactical GK coaching attributes in the editor, taking Rui Barbosa's attributes from 16 to 20. The logical thinking is, those attributes will look the same when I start my new save. That isn't the case. The second image shows what comes up in the new career I have just started. It happens with all the coaches and other staff actually. It seems that it sets all non-hidden attributes back to their default value. It does not happen with players. Coaches and staff only. If someone can give me some direction with this I would appreciate it. I just want the changes I make in the editor to show up in the actual game? I end up doing a lot of them twice. Thanks in advance.
  14. Again, I apologize if I am posting this incorrectly. This is my first time posting anything on a forum, ever. Not real sure what I am doing just yet. I just started using the Pre-Game Editor a few days ago. I understand how pretty much everything works because I am somewhat tech savvy. Sadly, there is one very simple thing that has me confused. I added my name and some other info to the people database in the editor, hoping that I would be able to go back into FM18, and start a career with the profile I created in the editor. That isn't working out for me. As you know, when I attempt to start a new career in FM18, I have to create or use a manager profile before I can do anything. I do that, get into the game and, its either I cannot play as the manager I created and team I want to use unless I fire myself and use the profile created at the start of the game. That defeats the whole purpose. Can anyone tell me if I can even create a coach/manager in the editor and use that to play the actual game or can I only use the team I want to use with the manager profile I have to create or use when starting the game? Thanks for any help and I will get this posting right next time.
  15. First, I have to apologize if I am posting this incorrectly. This is my first time posting anythingon a forum, ever. Again, I apologize. I just started using the Pre Game Editor a few days ago. I understand how pretty much everything works because I am somewhat tech savvy. Sadly, there is one very simple thing that has me confused. I added my name and some other info to the people database in the editor, thinking I could fire up a new career and then use what I created as a manager of the club I want to play with. It isn't working out. When I start up a new career, as you all know, I have to create a manager and that's the profile I have to use as the manager for the club. When I tried to fire myself, to use myself, I failed. I just want to ask, is there a way to use the person I created in the editor to manage when I start a new career or do I have to use the profile created in the actual FM game before the season starts? Thanks for any help.
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