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  1. So basically switching roles between the CM and AMC This might help in some match ups I tried playing with DLP / BBM / MEZ with both CDs set as BPDs in difficult matches like Liverpool away and still managed to keep position but it seemed a bit more direct as you mentioned.
  2. I saw his version Apparently he always plays CWB which might make finding suitable players easier. I usually change only the mentality during a match unless I´m 2 goals behind which is a rare situation. In this case I shift the position of the FBs and one of the IFs to force more chances. Is there any other role combination for the DM/CM? Would a combination of DLP and B2B make sense ?
  3. I finished my first season with Manchester United using the Panneton0 ball. What a great tactic! Ive tested different high position tactics and this one is by far the best. Won almost everything with outstanding stats and some wonderful goals. Only problem I faced was against 3CDs tactics before I decided to use different tactics against these teams. I would like to know if anyone tested different roles.
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