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  1. Just as the title states, Ive noticed a fairly high amount of balls over the top played by centre-backs, leading to 1v1. This happens both on purpose (i.e the centrebacks seems to have meant it), and off of clearances. Its happening across different saves, with different tactics, both for my team and against it. I think it needs a bit of tweak
  2. From my experience the shots are on target, but goalies are really good at stopping them. this is both for me and opponents
  3. @Rob Heckman I feel like the player should be able to wait a certain amount of time, and if you come back before-say... two weeks have passed- he voices his complaints then. This is a problem I mainly encounter during the international break, where there isnt anything of note happening for 14 days, and therefore I go on vacation to speed things up. I dont think there should be a detrimental effect because of that. If theres a problem with implementing it, thats another thing, but otherwise I definitely think it should be considered! thank you for taking the time to reply to me, have a nice day man =]
  4. if you are away on a holiday, and a player who has a concern tries having a chat with you, the game treats it as if you decided not to speak to him, to which players dont react well. seems like a bit of an oversight?
  5. thank you for the reply! it was as I suspected.
  6. The match preparations say there will be an effect on the upcoming game - so my question is, do these effects multiply? if i schedule 2 "defending corners" sessions before a match, will my team be "better" at defending corners
  7. through the quick tactics on the upper right of the match field screen
  8. A simple question really, does match preparation stack? as in, if I schedule two defensive shape training sessions, do the effects on the upcoming match stack? my team is getting butchered on corners, and I wonder if scheduling two sessions for defending corners will do any good.
  9. while changing opp.instruction, the game reverts to full match highlights and default game speeds. been happening since the last update.
  10. This is a little niche, but hear me out. while changing an u20`s player additional focus, the game asks you if you want to take charge of his training for the next month, or take care of "all assignments". 1. It isnt really clear if the second option is to take over all of the u20 training assignments or just the one player. 2.If you decide to promote the player to the first team from the drop down 'development' menu (without leaving the training screen), and then try to apply a change to his training focus - it prompts you as if he is still in u20.
  11. As the title says,there is no option to train crossing under Additional focus, Dont know if its on purpose or not but it seems like an attribute you would definitely want to be able to train.
  12. Thank you very much, after applying the very_low setting, the game works without crashing!
  13. Im trying to play the game on this old laptop I own. The problem most probably is the minimum specs required, but im just trying to make sure. Ive followed instruction 1-8 for a game crashing on startup to no avail. dxdiag and crash dumps attached. thanks in advance! FM 2018 v18.3.3.1074700 (2018.05.10 21.36.46).dmp DxDiag.txt
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