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  1. How to become a legend

    Yeah its annoying. I took Yeovil from league 2 to Prem and FA cup double and have only just been added to favoured personnel! Also reached semi-finals of the champs league knocking out the holders (lyons) in the first knockout round and coming from 3-1 down (4-1 on aggregate) away at the san siro with 10 men to beat Inter 4-3 in the 2nd half (4-4 on aggregate through on away goals!). The next season i beat Real Madrid in the quarters! In that time 2 players that helped me to get to the prem but were not prem quality got icon status! They deserved it, but surely i deserve it as well!
  2. Ahhh i like your thinking One last question! Do i have to transfer it to a desktop or could i transfer the files to anther laptop? I guess it doesnt matter but just want to be sure! And thanks a lot, you have been a big help!
  3. Thanks, i have a dell xps so that should work great! Turns out i would pay around £12 to get my FM game back! In a a flash!
  4. Thanks for all the advice guys, guess i should have backed up my game! That looks like what i need Kriss! Is it easy to use?
  5. I have found myself in a regrettable position! After a night out i was sick on my laptop :s and after taking it to the local PC guys i found out it was dead! Unfortunately i was enjoying one of my best ever FM journeyman saves, ending up with Yeovil, and taking them from league 2 obscurity to premier league and fa cup winners! The season i was currently halfway through i was making a serious assault for the champions league, having beaten barca 3-0 away from home in the group stages! The PC guys said they could recover my data for £65. However, being a student, which means that a) there was little else of much value on the laptop besides the FM game and b) saving money is a necessity, especially as i have to buy a new laptop! i told the PC repair guys, with a tear in my eye, that no i did not want them to recover the data. That got me thinking. If, for some inexplicable reason, you lost your current FM game(s) today, how much would you be willing to pay to get it back? P.S Before i give up all hope i am going to have a go at recovering the hard drive myself! P.P.S If anyone has seen a good laptop deal around some info would be much appreciated! Budget £300-£500 needed to run FM comfortably, browsing the internet and uni work! Thanks!
  6. In FM 10 i brought a french Regen from Madrid for 5million. A season and a half later he is one of the best centre mids in the world and i rejected a bid of 50 million from Barcelona! Bargain!
  7. English hero achievement!

    After getting back to back promotions while being predicted to struggle initially!? Id say that is a bit harsh!!
  8. Hey I was just wondering whether anyone knows if the english hero achievement can be gained without staying at the same club? On steam it states "Gain promotion from the lowest division to the highest in England". I have done this although i did it spread out with two clubs. I got bromley back to back promotions to League 2 from the Blue square South and was then sacked after applying for another job (harsh!!). I then went t l'aquila in Italy for a few months before resigning and returning to England to manage Yeovil in League 2 (Same league as Bromley!! grudge matches!) I won promotion to League 1 in my 2nd full season with yeovil and after losing in the playoff final next season i made it to the championship and then Premier league back to back . Do you think i will get the achievement!? Does anyone have any experience in a similar situation!? I know its not that important an issue it would just be nice to recieve the achievement!!
  9. So, i am ghana in ACON and having played 3, won 1, drawn 1 and lost 1 i am tied on points with Egypt to see who qualifies 2nd from the group. We have exactly the same goal difference, goals for, goals against and the match i played against them finished 1-1. However, Egypt qualified while i finished 3rd in my group. Does anyone know why this is and how it was decided? Was it alphabetical order!?? What makes it worse is that Egypt scored a 93rd minute equaliser in our match which it turns out saw them qualify!
  10. Unrealistic Transfers Fm12

    I still dont understand how so many people are using offline mode wrong!
  11. Hmmm very interesting ideas! But this would never happen, because it would only appeal to very few FM players. I mean the people who would want it would be the "hardcore" players from the forum who want more depth and realism in the game. However, this is a small proportion of this forum, yet alone all of the FM consumers! Maybe it could find its way as an optional extra, but i doubt SI would take the risk as it would confuse new/ not as dedicated players and only improve the game for a small proportion of the community! :/
  12. Playing as spurs, cant remember what season (2nd or 4th) in FM10. On track to win the league, have APOEL in semi final of europa league. Win first leg away 5-1. 2nd leg play a weakened side and lose 4-0! I went on to win the league and fa cup but APOEL stopped me from the triple!
  13. Football manager live

    Great idea above!! I think what turned me and a lot of other fm'rs off was the monthly subscription fee. Whenever i have to pay a fee, i feel as if i am being forced to play it and if i dont play it for a while i am wasting money. I know a lot of players felt this way and loved the beta but did not want to pay the monthly fee. If maybe SI were to release it as a normla game, with an rrp of the usual £20-30 and they advertised it properly, i am sure they would be able to attract a lot of new customers, as i know loads of people who are looking for a deeper online football experience then fifa or some of these free online browser based games. Hell, you only have to look at the popularity of such browser based games to see that there is a big market out there! Anyway, i dont think FML will come back, but maybe in the future a better and more immersive FM online will emerge!!
  14. Cant log into steam!??

    It should be, i have mcafee and have not had any problems in the past. How did you sort yours out?
  15. Hey, im playing fm11 at the moment and when i try to log into steam it takes ages, and then either is "not responding" or says "could not connect to steam, this could be a problem with your internet connection or the steam network"... Anyone got any ideas? Thanks