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  1. Hello, For your information, it's still the case now that the whole game is enable. Have a nice evening
  2. Hello, There is an issue in Switzerland. In FM19 and FM20, this issue was already existing but only in 2nd division. Now it's extanded on first division too: As you can see on the sceenshots, some teams didn't have registered as much players as they can until the deadline and now some players can't play anymore because they aren't registered (and even some titulars...). There are some teams having only 13 players (+ U21 players) registered which skew the season results. I hope you could find a solution. If it's not the case, maybe it will be good to cancel the deadline to r
  3. Hello, Thank you very much ! So, as you could see, his first name is Miny-Yang, and his last name is: Yang. Currently he's called Yang Mingyang Enjoy
  4. Hi, Grasshoppers (2nd division) player "98030479" is wrongly named Here you could find his real name: https://www.transfermarkt.fr/ming-yang-yang/profil/spieler/184382
  5. Hello, Is it possible to play with the season beggining Database ? I mean the roster of the beggining, for exemple Real Madrid with Lopetegui. Thanks in advance.
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