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  1. I genuinely hate this game at times. Player bitches he wants a new contract, I offer him contract that his agent agrees to. Next minute, player isn't happy with it and then he complains how I went against promising to offer a contract? Had three options to reply to the player, none of them relevant to what happened.
  2. Ah, yet I'm struggling to get 5 star, best in the world strikers to score more than 15 in a season.
  3. Damn, is it still that bad? The lack of a competitor really has made them release lacklustre products for a few years now.
  4. This has been a problem in Football Manager for many years now, one problem they consistently ignore.
  5. "Player unhappy at your failure to find him a new club" - Yeah, mate, sorry I cannot find a club interested in you. That is all my fault and not that you are a useless piece of ****.
  6. Some player complaints just make zero sense whatsoever. Player never complained at all but then has just played the past two games in a row, starts complaining about lack of game time. Come on ffs, I am literally playing you right now!
  7. Yeah, meaning they won't bother to fix anything else in the ME and we'll likely, again, see the same bugs in the next ME. Just frustrating seeing the same pattern every year, for a long time now.
  8. Helps to know there is a bug with it when there is a bug thread for long shots in the match engine bug forum they are closing.
  9. The hell is the deal with long shots, a 1/3 of goals conceded are from them. Hating the game already. edit: Make that more than 1/3 of goals conceded. Match engine bug forum closing as well, wonderful.
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