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  1. Neil, thank you for providing technical details, but I still have some questions. You have already implemented the rolling auto save mechanism. Why can't you use it for regular saves? I mean, you can create a temporary copy of the original save on game startup and then write into it while FM is running. Then, on clean FM shutdown or when the save process is *actually* over, you just replace the original file with the temporary one. As far as I know, move operation is atomic both in Windows and UNIX. In this scenario, if FM or OS shuts down uncleanly you will lost the temp save only. Also, It would be nice to have an option to choose between current fast but unreliable saving mechanism and slow and safe one. I mean like 'fsync' config option for some databases.
  2. So, you don't agree that it is a bug when the game is not actually saved when the save process is over? And you don't agree that it is a bug when the save file gets corrupted on game crash or PC shutdown?
  3. That didn't help. Why do they do it? When the end of the saving process does not guarantee that the game is actually 'saved', I call this behaviour a bug. If you still need to write any data after the saving process is over (or even the FM process is over), you can always do it into some temporary file and then replace the original save file with it. Move operation is atomic both in UNIX and Windows. To corrupt user data is the worst thing you can do as a software engineer.
  4. Why does shutting down the FM process itself affect the save file after the saving process is over? Shouldn't the save file be closed after all data was written into it?
  5. Today I saved my game and then closed my laptop while FM17 was running. Later when I turned it on, I wasn't able to load my saved game. When I try to load it, I get this error: 'The save game could not be loaded'. It's not the first time when I close the laptop like this and I didn't get any errors earlier. Is there any chance to recover the saved game?
  6. Hi! I have a question. Why FM10 (as well as FM09) is not available via Steam in Russia? I think Steam could be the easiest way to buy FM for Russian players. And in a couple of weeks I'll still have this "This item is currently unavailable in your region" while the rest of the world will be playing. It's unfair
  7. I think you should set more closing down in team instructions.