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  1. A quick a couple of ideas/suggestions for any upcoming FM's to be released. I think a nice subtle touch would be for the manager to be given 3 kit sponsor opportunities at the beginning of each season. Each of them should have different positives. For example, one could give more money, whereas another could give less money but improves the clubs scouting network (so if they are sponsored by a sponsor in Germany when managing a team in England). These sponsorships are dependant on what league the team is in, the clubs reputation, clubs finances etc. Also the sponsors show on the kits at the start of each season. Secondly, SI need to improve/overhaul press conferences. They haven't changed since they were added and they are very formulaic. One way to improve press conferences is to have a set amount of journalists in the game that can establish relationships with the manager over time. When a manager has a good relationship with the manager, they will ask appropriate questions and praise the manager and club more, they will also not twist the words of the manager to get a newstory. However, a bad relationship with another journalist could see them ask questions that aim to rile the players/manager up, this could lead to a negative press stigma for the manager if he is constantly hounded by these journalists leading to storm outs (so a bad reputation which could affect what players want to sign for you), these bad relationships could then lead to these journalists being biased towards the manager and creating fake news etc. An obvious way to improve press conferences is to add more dialogue options, but I think SI just need to have press conferences have more of an impact on your managers day to day tasks such as speaking to players, trying to sign certain players etc.
  2. Thanks for the feedback again. I ended up getting promoted in the end winning the league. I did have some terrible form towards the end of the season losing to teams in the relegation zone, rarely having any shots etc so frustrating. I find consistency hard sometimes in FM. One minute your banging goals in every 5 minutes, then you can't hit a barn door. Nevertheless I will press on and see how I do in the premier league, always find the first season decent then!
  3. What are some of the ways that people improve finances of a team? I know selling players, playing bigger teams in friendlies are both ways of doing this. I think cash strapped teams are always fun to play with, makes you consider every aspect of your team. Do you need 8 scouts? What youth players should I look to improve and develop to bring into the first team next season etc. Leave your thoughts below, thanks!
  4. Thanks for the feedback summatsupeer I have noted the things you have suggested down. Overall the squad is pretty decent minus the injuries and I have played a fair few games since I uploaded this and am now top of the table after changing some of the instructions. I have added the pass into space instruction as I believe this plays to the strengths of the quick players I have. I am now going to stick with the 442 for at least until the end of the January and see if I can stay in the top spot with more solid performances, I am coming of a 4-1 win against Leeds so hoping for more of the same with these tweaks I have made. Any further feedback would be great !
  5. Hello there. I have recently got back into Football manager being playing since FM14. Started a save with BCFC as I support them IRL (we just survived relegation today KRO), and well I am starting to get very frustrated with the results. I am 3rd currently, coming of a 1-0 defeat to Fulham. I have attached some screenshots giving some context to the situation. I guess you could say I have been overachieving looking at the squad depth, I have had a lot of injuries to key players (Grounds, Maghoma). Formation: When I am at home against a team that isn't in the playoffs/playing well, I tend to opt for a 4-4-2. When away, I always tend to play with the 4-4-1-1 (shown in the attachment). I have made subtle changes to player roles/instructions in recent games to see if I can change my luck. For example, originally I had the left centre midfielder playing as a BWM, I have now changed to a centre mid on the defend duty. Looking at the below tactic, you can see a couple of players out of position, this is down to the injuries I mentioned earlier which have been a massive hit on the formations I play. Team Instructions: Again I have made subtle changes to the team instructions once again. Brought in the clear the ball to flanks. The idea behind this is to use the pace of the wingers to get forward quickly to then allow more crosses into the target man. I am indeed playing narrower. Trying to ensure that it is harder for us to be broken down in the middle along with sticking to positions because we don't have the best creative players meaning we lack creativity in the final third. Team Report: Team report is useful here aswell, shows me that we have conceded a lot from crosses due to the high amount of assists from these areas. Furthermore we have one of the worst passing stats in the league. To be third in the league is good, but I feel us slipping off now with some poor results to Wolves and Middlesborough where we should've done better. If anyone could give me some advice it would be greatly appreciated. I haven't messed around with FM18 too much but it feels the same as the previous versions in terms of form being linked a lot to morale and the tactics you deploy. I don't see any glaringly obvious things that should be changed and ideally don't want to change tactics either. We have high determination overall in the squad along with teamwork, maybe I should try a higher pressing game where we look to go more direct with our play? Thanks in advance !!!
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