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    Be able to search by personality

    I thought about this idea when I was having trouble selecting who should be my Head of Youth Development at my club. I read a post from a Moderator that stated personality is very important when deciding your HOYD. When I tried searching, I noticed there was no way to search by personality. If there was such a way, I'd easily be able to filter out 40/50 candidates that don't have a resolute or professional personality. If this idea was implemented it would save a lot of time when searching for staff. Thanks
  2. Hello. I was playing as a team in the Scottish League 2 and I had finished 4th which meant I qualified for the play-off rounds. After finishing my last game in April, at the start of May, the board informed me of next seasons wage and transfer budget and asked me how long pre-season should be. I had to select an option but I didn't think about what was going to happen next. Every player in the squad was now on holiday. Needless to say I tried to play and win the match using only grey players but failed miserably, So what gives? Is this a bug or what? Sorry if this is in wrong section btw.