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  1. That could be how it is for most teams when they achieve promotion to PL. Of course then they could start throwing money at player transfers. I doubt I would need to do that.
  2. Hi. I’m thinking of starting with a club in the lower divisions in England and I’m hoping to get them to the Premier League. I don’t know which club I will choose atm. But I want to do it by being the club that pays its players the least salary - I think Burnley is the team in PL right now that holds this title. There’s been a lot of talk of big name players like Alexis Sanchez who is earning 500k p/week and regularly starts from the bench. I’d say that money could be invested in grassroots football. So when I choose my team, i will be focusing on improving my youth and training facilities - using money I’ved saved from keeping wages lower. Could this strategy work?
  3. Thanks. I was looking for a different league to manage in. I've always managed in Scotland and Non-Eu players require work permits unless they are fairly high profile, have played recently for their country or if they are young and inexperienced - just very very good. I've chosen Germany because it looks like I won't have much trouble buying players outside the EU and their should be more money in the league. In the whole of Scottish football, their are just two teams that generate big money, Celtic and Rangers.
  4. I can't seem to find the answer of the forums. I've checked the rules for the league and it would appear there are no restrictions but I'm not sure. Anyone know?
  5. I’m talking about when creating a manger. You can specify which languages they can speak. The available list of languages is very varied (Zulu anyone?) but the Gaelic language isn’t on the list. Could you please add this? It would help with immersion.
  6. Thanks. I may be focusing to much on players technical ability and I should consider their all round game and look at what players would work well together in a tactic i.e a pacey full back who can run down the flank and get a cross to a tall forward with good heading and jumping and acceleration. It’s back to the drawing board for now but success will come
  7. I’m playing in the Scottish league 2 but cannot seem to string together wins very well. I lose matches the media expects me to win. I may need advice on appropriate tactics for lower league management and what kind of players to buy. I usually buy players that can pass the ball and move. can a manager in the lower league be very successful?
  8. I thought about this idea when I was having trouble selecting who should be my Head of Youth Development at my club. I read a post from a Moderator that stated personality is very important when deciding your HOYD. When I tried searching, I noticed there was no way to search by personality. If there was such a way, I'd easily be able to filter out 40/50 candidates that don't have a resolute or professional personality. If this idea was implemented it would save a lot of time when searching for staff. Thanks
  9. Hello. I was playing as a team in the Scottish League 2 and I had finished 4th which meant I qualified for the play-off rounds. After finishing my last game in April, at the start of May, the board informed me of next seasons wage and transfer budget and asked me how long pre-season should be. I had to select an option but I didn't think about what was going to happen next. Every player in the squad was now on holiday. Needless to say I tried to play and win the match using only grey players but failed miserably, So what gives? Is this a bug or what? Sorry if this is in wrong section btw.
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