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  1. If you instruct your keeper to play short passes to the centre backs, what if the centre backs are being marked by opposing forwards? Then the goal keeper may decide to punt it long because playing a short pass would be too risky. Edit: if your keeper were to play short passes to either of those centre backs, it looks like it may get intercepted because the opposition are close to your defenders
  2. I really should have posted a topic looking for an update on my previous request. I hope as the other user suggested there might be an easy way to add this little cosmetic change as you say
  3. I am referring to manager creation where you can decide which languages your manager can speak. There are many languages to choose from but Scottish Gaelic isn't on the list (I believe). It is a language spoken in Scotland and it's going through something of a revival at the moment. It would be nice to see the language added to the list.
  4. Countries are closing their borders. This is going to make scouting up and coming youngsters more difficult. I expect it will have some effect
  5. Britain has suspended football in Britain for the time being. We don't know how long for. The government are saying this could last more than a year. Do you think this will impact Football Manager in any way?
  6. Here's the setup. I'm managing a team at the moment and I don't want to rely on the transfer market. I want to instead look to my youth teams and bring players into the first team squad. I plan on playing many youngsters in the first team as I can. I am not sure what the best formation or style of football would work best. Looking at the attributes from players in my youth squad, their physical attributes aren't that great but they have decent technical attributes. I am thinking some kind of possession-based tactic where I play manly in the centre areas of the pitch. Perhaps a 4-2-3-1 narrow. I am not sure. Any ideas?
  7. I would say there are teams like Leicester that have the potential to win the league if they get their tactics right.
  8. Serious question here. How much about winning games is it in fact about having better players than the other team? I know tactics can sway the result a little but you'll never get a team like Burnley (sorry Burnley fans) winning the Premier League every season with the players they have, no matter what their tactics. Do you agree?
  9. I’ve played this tactic before and I’ve had some success. I played a Complete Forward. An Inside Forward and Winger on each flank. An Attacking Midfielder. A Deep-Lying Playmaker and Ball Winner. Two Full backs and Two Central Defenders. Then simply a GoalKeeper. I have tried a poacher upfront but found a CF to better in my experience for scoring and bringing teammates into play. You said you don’t want your players to cross. I play a Winger in this tactic and he gets lots of assists and goals during the season. Therefore it is generally good to cross sometimes. And that’s it really. Even without applying any Team Instructions or PIs, I finished top of the league. Don’t play this tactic when playing away. Instead try the same roles except Deep-Lying Playmaker in the DMC position behind an Advanced Playmaker and Ball Winner and only change to Counter Team Strategy.
  10. I am playing FM2017 and playing as Celtic. As expected I win the league and usually all the cups but really struggle in Europe and sometimes playing away matches. I think my tactics could be better and my defence also too. I will give you more detail about my defenders so that you could help with ideas.... My left back is a young teenager that is excellent going forward but not as good defensively due to low marking and height. He likes to run with ball, knock the ball past defenders and hug touch line. An excellent player. My right back is an older but experienced international who has good technical and mental attributes and height but isn’t as fast as Kieran and has low stamina. He likes to run with ball, play his way out of trouble, tries long range passes and get forward whenever possible. His PPMs worry me and I think better team could expose his weaknesses My 2 best centre-backs are similar. Both of them have pretty low passing, technique and first touch. Both have great mentals. 1 has good physicals but is slow at accelerating and the other just has poor physicals because of age. The 35 year old likes to Run with ball and get forward whenever possible. This makes me think sometimes he will and get caught of possession and forwards could easily lose him. I have 2 other centre backs who have decent speed and average mentals. I would probably play one of these guys but the player’s low anticipation, composure and concentration worry me. My Midfielder is pretty strong with lots of attack minded players but the 2 most defensive minded players is a ball winner and deep lying play maker who are both quite slow and the other isn’t strong or brave. I have 2 cracking inside forwards, one who plays on the left and other on right. Not much to say about them. Upfront I have an international advanced forward/poacher who is very quick and great at finishing. The other is a younger but more well-rounded centre forward with lots of potential. Both of these players have low team work and one likes to beat offside trap. I don’t think i would play these 2 together. I would probably play a 4-1-3-2 DM Wide. I would obviously play a back four to increase my teams defence as my centre-backs don’t seem suitable to play in a back three and also my wide midfielders aren’t good defensively. I would play someone to sit in front of defence and protect them, most likely a defensive midfielder. I don’t know what roles I would think are best for my midfield three. I think playing 2 IFs would be a good idea to both create and score goals. A complete-forward seems the best role for this tactic. Whenever I play like this, I win the league and sometimes the cups but always get destroyed when playing in the Champions League group stage. I think my defence needs to be better but how?
  11. That could be how it is for most teams when they achieve promotion to PL. Of course then they could start throwing money at player transfers. I doubt I would need to do that.
  12. Hi. I’m thinking of starting with a club in the lower divisions in England and I’m hoping to get them to the Premier League. I don’t know which club I will choose atm. But I want to do it by being the club that pays its players the least salary - I think Burnley is the team in PL right now that holds this title. There’s been a lot of talk of big name players like Alexis Sanchez who is earning 500k p/week and regularly starts from the bench. I’d say that money could be invested in grassroots football. So when I choose my team, i will be focusing on improving my youth and training facilities - using money I’ved saved from keeping wages lower. Could this strategy work?
  13. Thanks. I was looking for a different league to manage in. I've always managed in Scotland and Non-Eu players require work permits unless they are fairly high profile, have played recently for their country or if they are young and inexperienced - just very very good. I've chosen Germany because it looks like I won't have much trouble buying players outside the EU and their should be more money in the league. In the whole of Scottish football, their are just two teams that generate big money, Celtic and Rangers.
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