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  1. Ah I thought so, was hoping there was a way... Thanks anyway!
  2. Hi there, I am pretty sure this has been asked way too many times but I cannot see anything involving what I am asking for. I am wondering if I am able to create a Nation or a Continent like how you are able to with Clubs or Competitions? I already have edited the add and remove options to be visible but it is not working properly. I have thought maybe FM coded it so it is impossible to do so. However, if there is a way, that would be awesome! Thanks! - Alex
  3. Thanks Michael! Much appreciated!
  4. Hi there, For a while, I have wanted to upload custom flags for one of the non existant nations (like SEA Chinese, West Malay, etc.) and I was wondering if it is the same as uploading custom graphics for clubs or people (Normal 180x180, Small 18x25). If not, what do I have to do?
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