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  1. bangkonggedek

    Replaceing Kondogbia

    Well I was assuming that you're emphasizing for the offensive aspect of a Box to Box Midfielder from your post above, so he's the one that comes to my mind instantly. He's actually a better header than Kondogbia too in set pieces, if that's what you're looking for.
  2. bangkonggedek

    FM19: Hidden Gems

    Tomas Soucek can be a good addition to your squad if you need someone to assume the role of a conservative Anchor Man/Half Back in your tactics. Actually he's capable enough to score a decent amount of goals too in my previous career as a Segundo Volante.
  3. bangkonggedek

    FM19: Hidden Gems

    Looks like many of his data currently set as random. This is him on my save:
  4. bangkonggedek

    Head of Youth Development

    Just happened to found Liam Brady, who theoretically should make a great HOYD. The thing is, he somehow has NO preferred staff role
  5. bangkonggedek

    Transfer Listed

    Another one who often got transfer-listed is Inter Milan's Roberto Gagliardini. The asking price is varied, but usually fairly below his current value.
  6. This is why I never sign the youth intakes with terrible personalities or abysmal Determination, unless their potential is huge. In my opinion, the higher a player's Determination value is, then what should happen is the less likely they're to be dragged down by the squad's average. I can't imagine if someone like Cristiano Ronaldo simply being stuck in a team full of wimps will somehow starting to slack off himself. Hell, he's more likely to either get seriously pissed off by the rest of the team's attitude then disrupting the squad atmosphere, expecting the manager to be more demanding to his players or when he finally got fed up with it all, he'll hand transfer request so he can play somewhere else with more determined teammates.
  7. Yeah, looks like quite a few had reported the AI Juventus doing some pretty baffling transfers. I had an earlier Portuguese club career this FM where they just sell their better players and bought a bunch of middling names, many of whom are either then got transfer-listed right away come the next transfer window or simply left unregistered for the season Dunno where the cause of the issue lies though. Can't be their scouting/transfer team, as they're already great from the start in game at least for visible attribute-wise.
  8. Looking nice indeed! BUT he got Fickle personality with decent value for Leadership, and not to mention a Team Leader too. Let's hope he won't be a bad influence over the rest of your youth players Currently starting a Sampdoria save and exactly this happened as well. At least they're not stupid enough to sign Mercado though Udinese's Antonin Barak seemed like a proper beast on the few earlier saves that I had. Rather prone to injuries though.
  9. bangkonggedek

    Transfer Listed

  10. bangkonggedek

    Head of Youth Development

    If you already delegate those roles to the other staffs then at least he can be yet another youth coach, only with a fancier title and works as sort of a work around to the coaching staff limit set by your Director/Chairman.
  11. bangkonggedek

    Transfer Listed

    Not exactly at the start of the game, but in all of my saves so far Andreas Samaris from Benfica was always got transfer-listed for the price of €950.000 in the first transfer window. Decent BWM/B2B option, but a bit of a hot-headed one though both on and off the pitch.
  12. bangkonggedek

    Training determination

    Hmm... never gave that much of a thought before. Maybe in my case my younger players who suffered a drop in Determination were influenced by the players with the lower value for it (most are of Fairly Professional personality, if I recall correctly) who happened to be in the same social group. That's a more sensible approach in player's personality development actually
  13. bangkonggedek

    Chief Scout Questions

    I think what @Seb Wassell was saying here is that it should be no problem when say, you're managing an English Championship club, then hire that particularly excellent Italian scout with poor Adaptability to let him scout for Serie B players back there in his home country, but he will be struggling a bit to scout players from the English Championship clubs here in your country. Just trying to help clear that up
  14. bangkonggedek

    Training determination

    I got some cases in my earlier saves this FM where my younger players peculiarly suffering a drop in their Determination as well. Most are happy enough with their training, rated well in training performances and my assistant actually reported that the squad better characteristics (most of them are Fairly Determined, Fairly Professional or Resolute) had a positive influence to their personality. The average value for Determination of my squad was not less than 12 yet some of the younger players somehow dropped to as low to 10. I already overwrote the save though so I'll try to remember to post a screenshot here when something similar happening again.
  15. bangkonggedek

    Training determination

    Don't really think so, as usually that's the attribute I'd prioritized to be maxed out over anything else, followed by Level of Discipline and Motivating. Of the two praise options I find the first one a much safer choice most of the time.