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  1. bangkonggedek

    FM19- Bundesliga Thread

    Same here, they got a bunch of creative flair players to pull of a nice style of football for the standard of the league. Still in October but we're currently at 3rd place with three points difference to Köln at the top. Somehow the players keep complaining about the lack of depth in midfield though, even when I already have to rotate them all the time just to keep them happy
  2. bangkonggedek

    [Germany] Data Issues

    Last year when he coached Frankfurt he rarely instructed them to play that way though, even going so far as playing extreme hoof ball at times (against Dortmund last season for example,) so you can't say the fact that he doesn't have that preference for playing out of defense ingame is wrong, as they're based on past season's data. He simply utilizes the current players at his disposal the way he thinks will suit them best. That the AI Kovac ingame was incapable to make such decision, is another matter. Speaking of Frankfurt, I think Sébastien Haller wasn't being represented well enough in game. His Finishing, Balance and Strength are all too high in my opinion, especially if you consider that his shot accuracy last season was just at 45% on target and he wasn't very steady in holding the ball under pressure nor winning tighter aerial duels (although his height and lankiness do helped him winning almost 48% of his headers quite a bit). Reducing 1 point from his Finishing, 2 points from his Balance and 3 points from his Strength should be fair. On the other hand, his Teamwork and Work Rate deserve some boosts, as he always looks to be involved in most stages of play and try to link up with and fashioning chances for his teammates. And especially if we take his performances so far this season into account, he already made a healthy number of assists, even managed to provide 5 for his teammates in his last 4 official matches. Adding 3 points for Teamwork and 4 for Work Rate should be fair, I believe. Then there's Ante Rebic. I think his technical displays were quite inconsistent (even though when he did pull them off he did them well,) so perhaps reductions in both Composure and First Touch by 2 points should be fair. Also, he consistently displays a feisty presence on the pitch, pressing the opposition defense and regularly committing fouls, so I believe he deserved 4 extra points to his Aggression and 2 extra points to his Work Rate. Lastly, this season he often operates on the right side of the wing area and generally performed well there, so a Competent to Accomplished rating for the AMR position should be fair. Hopefully these are worthy enough for your considerations. Cheers
  3. bangkonggedek

    FM19: Hidden Gems

    Sandro Tonali is a good shout. His traits blatantly scream Regista
  4. bangkonggedek

    Anyone see the regens yet?

    They all look dopey as heck
  5. bangkonggedek

    FM19: Rate My Regen Thread

    Waiting for people to post wonderkids with Fickle and Mercenary personalities
  6. Decent enough, yes but for anyone assigned with a False 9 role will struggle with that. And judging from the video posted above he indeed seems to be more of a playmaking forward type of player rather than the big goalscorer guy which his current in game attribute spread suggests. He just happens to be 6'2".
  7. I believe you might want to check out this thread as well:
  8. bangkonggedek

    Player roles

    Personally, what I'd like to see is just give us human managers default roles for each position on the field with very generic names and none of the adjustable PIs set as active by default, i.e. Forwards, AMC, MR, DML, etc. (except for roles with very specific behavior like the Half Back). Then, when we click on the assigned player position icons on the pitch in the tactic screen, we'll have the usual PIs adjustment screen. But this time, there's also a drop down list were we can select a number of set templates of roles that you can find in the real world football tactics, which will set the correlating PIs as activated and adjusting the mentality when you select one of them. AI managers will be able to use these templates to use on their tactics alongside of the generic ones, so it'll be basically the same degree of complexity for AI managers to handle in their tactics like in the earlier iterations of FM, but us human managers will also have this freedom to tinkering around with player roles, and there should be an option to save their customized set of activated PIs and level of mentality as a new template and naming them as whatever fanciful (or austere) names they can imagine. I believe that it could be fun addition that you can compare and discuss your customized player roles for your tactics with that of other human managers this way.
  9. What I'd like to add is that if the researchers decided that Frenkie de Jong deserves the attributes spread that he'll have in FM 19, then what does that say about the defensive quality of other defenders in Eredivisie? And will de Jong performs in FM 19 as close as he does in real life when compared to other Central Defenders in the league? Not even mentioning compared to the standards of the other teams in the continent. I'm one of the opinion that even a score below 10 for his Tackling sounds a bit too low for him, but having said that though, there's not much that we can do at this point other than wait and see. All that I know is that in FM, even players with mediocre rating for a certain attribute which related to a particular skill of the game, like Tackling for example, won't necessarily mean that the player in game will do a mediocre job there. One of my best ever tackler for a top level team had a very mediocre attribute point for Tackling, but he consistently win almost all of his tackling attempts (of which he does a very high number of per matches as well, because we're playing a rather defensive football,) and in that particular case, I believe his other attributes played a big part of him being an excellent tackler; namely, he possessed excellent numbers for Decision, Anticipation, Positioning and Acceleration
  10. From what I understand from some of the forum members who are more knowledgeable of how the calculation works in ME is that a player's height does correlate to his possible range of Jumping Reach attribute score, but I don't believe they ever mention that the same applies to Aerial Reach. And if we're talking about reaching the high ball (and maybe how wide they can stretch themselves when attempting for saves) then the relevant attribute will be Aerial Reach, not Jumping. For goalkeepers, they said that Jumping Reach only account to how high they can reach the ball when they're attempting for a header, not in the scenarios of attempting to catch the high ball.
  11. Koulibaly also should receive better score for his Passing attribute too, in my opinion. His height should defo be downgraded though
  12. bangkonggedek

    Same yet different...

    I just can't see how the formation (and 4-4-2 Diamond Wide as well for that matter) can work well with Structured shape and the Play out of Defence + Pass Shorter TIs though.
  13. I'm curious though, was Arnautovic's attributes distribution for the most part carried over from the one given by the Werder Bremen Researcher back when he played for them? Because the erratic distribution of points does bear a striking mark of what you'll typically find on German-based players, especially from the earlier editions of FM. I do agree that his Finishing seemed too low, because last season just for an example his shot accuracy was even slightly better than Mauro Icardi who were widely regarded as one of the best finishers around. That said, I do understand that Finishing is actually one of the more difficult technical attribute to measure though, and the stats we've had from official matches can't fully reveal the whole story. And surely he's can't be that slow in anticipating situations? EDIT: Hmm, interesting that the stats offered by santy001 seem to be hugely differing from the ones that I've seen, one of them was from Squawka, who reported his shot accuracy to be something around 65% while Hernandez had only something like 55%.
  14. bangkonggedek

    has anyone tried a 2-3-5?

    Holy sh*t the neutrals must be loving watch your team plays What were the roles that you assigned for your DMs and CMs by the way?
  15. bangkonggedek

    Same yet different...

    Why the big hole in the center though?