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  1. His initial attributes, as you can see above, were really inaccurate when you compare with the way he actually plays (lol 8 Aggression, 10 Work Rate and 14 for each of Vision, Passing and Technique). Thankfully the Winter Update database has rectified this
  2. Acerbi finally got his long overdue boost to his Natural Fitness, Pavoletti now pretty much the master of accurate headers, Zaniolo have improved very nicely overall and a much more combative presence in the midfield, Quagliarella now is a Born Leader (20 Determination and Leadership) as well as 3 points boost to Decisions (which should means his CA has been bumped up quite alot) ...and Lykogiannis got a whooping 10 points boost to his Crossing (it was only a diabolical 3 before, lol). By the way, at long last they've corrected Koulibaly's height
  3. Well, there's a boatload of comically overweight players in the Italian database that might need to be looked at, which I refuse to believe to be accurate
  4. This guy won't always appear in your database, and you might have a bit of an issue when it comes to work permit, non-EU quota, etc. but otherwise, he's a well-rounded forward who'll at the very least be a capable squad player to fill in any role up front for your team. Plus, he still got some room to grow into a much better player.
  5. True, thus essentially you can say it's just another Ball Playing Defender albeit with more license to stray up the field from the backline than what is allowed for BPD, with the emphasis in finding the best positions to maintain possession and the occasional key passes for the team on the ball over safe defensive positioning first and foremost then being available as an option for back passes then spraying progressive passes second and third as you would get from the BPD — it's a more proactive 'controller' role than the BPD, and the interpretation of the Libero in the current edition of FM is pretty much the one that works for that purpose.
  6. @craigd84: I found it very difficult to get my designated "Libero" to be a decent threat from outside of the box with long shots though. Did you managed to get him to shoot with regularity from the distance? I even tried experimenting a bit using the Create-a-Club mode to create this made-up player with all the traits and attributes for it just to see if it's possible at all, yet he very rarely even bother to try to even when the chances are there for him to exploit.
  7. That's how you'd like to use a proper Libero role, and so do I personally, but who's to say that's what other people would like to get from a so-called "Libero" role in its current state in FM? The way I see it is that some people (other FM players that I know, at least) didn't want to focus and maximizing on just a single aspect of his game, but merely just to get a little bit of both, at the expense of the player designated with the role won't do anything truly exciting befitting of such name for the role, so to speak. What they'd look for is a role who'll only stray just a little bit upward to the deeper middle third area simply as an extra option for maintaining possession when your team has been in control of the ball after a good while or as a pivot to shift the play to the other flank when one flank has become too congested, so nothing terribly imaginative as playmaking goes; and then when it's your team's turn to be behind the ball for a good duration of the game, this so-called "Libero" will drop and sit into a back three with the outer CBs. He should just sit there in his designated area and marking players without having to think too much of obstructing the opponent's passing lanes as DMs naturally would, no matter how deep they're told to drop. On the other hand, using the DM roles to drop very deep where it's almost to a CB position often leads to the slight issue in the ME where the two CBs won't spread wide enough to accommodate the dropping DM, so the center of the back line tends to get too congested.
  8. The DLP, RPM and SV role won't drop into the same line as the CBs would in the defensive phase though, which I would guess that's another thing that people would like to achieve by using the Libero role for their playmaker.
  9. Bloody hell, just realized that Santoro is 104kg there! That's a bit, uh... fat I guess
  10. Don't think his Player Traits will let him behaving as how you'd expect a Libero would though.
  11. I'm currently watching Atalanta vs SPAL, and what I've noticed from these matches involving Atalanta is that quite often whenever they're behind, their center back Rafael Tolói (usually positioned on the right of a back-three) often make cavalier runs forward from deep with or without the ball at his feet, then sneaking his way into the opposition's penalty box to act as an extra target for crosses (he even managed to score a header once this way against Roma); sometimes he even just camps there upfront when his teammates decide to take a more patient approach. Currently in-game he does have the traits that you'd assume should help him behaving just like he does in real life, but even setting him up as a Libero (A), he never makes these sort of box-to-box actions. I would love to be able to replicate how he plays in real life to FM (maybe technically it's not a Libero role, especially of old, but perhaps it's the closest thing currently in game for center backs), so I'm following this thread with great interest
  12. In theory at least Pickford's attributes spread should mean that he's more than capable to handle long shots pretty well. But if your tactical adjustment set to less urgent pressing and low block then that's another story as it often encourage your opposition to attempt speculative shots more often than normal. But ultimately I feel it's more of a case that it's relatively easy to score from distance in this year's FM, as it's a common recurrence no matter which team I'm managing nor which kind of tactic I'm using. And it's pretty easy to score from direct free kicks too.
  13. As @zlatanera said, AZ Alkmaar is an excellent choice as their facilities and youth infrastructures are already excellent from the start. Alternatively, if you want something a little bit more challenging then you might want to consider going further Eastward and managing FK Krasnodar in Russia. The squad is just decent enough (one of their issues is that there is no solid tackler in their midfield) to qualify for European competitions (media prediction: 4th in the league), and they already possess "Excellent training facilities" and "State of the art youth facilities", although their youth coaching and recruitment still need a lot of work. The Chairman should be very keen for strong youth development, so it shouldn't be a problem for you to request improvements for these provided the club is in healthy financial state. Going head-to-head in the league against sides like Zenit and the teams from Moscow for top places should be pretty fun too.
  14. No idea about this year's edition of the game, but sadly that's exactly what usually happened in the previous ones But I just snapped up an unattached newgen who will only arrive on later date, and there's an option to take him in as a trialist to train with the club until that date though.
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