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  1. Ok so i posted this on twitter And for me it happens way more than it should Conceding late goals its normal, it's realistic, i don't really "care" about it But like, In this game, i was winning 2-1 at HT I made some substitutions around the 87' minute mark and started defending, (Not time wasting) the ref gave an added 2 minutes, i thought "Well the game is wrapped up but im going to put everyone defending" and so i did. and as i did i saw the game reaching 92:30, 93:00, 93:40, 94:40... and boom they scored, no one
  2. So, im playing FM21, played for the past 5 years and this never happened to me. Was playing a Portuguese League Cup Group Stage game Against Portimonense Bla Bla Bla i was winning 2-1 at 83' in. I proceed to make a substitution because my centreback was on a yellow and i wasnt gonna risk it. Game does the substitution, i look at the ****ing scoreboard and It said 2-2!!! And that the goal was conceded at 75' minute! I was surprised, paused the game and proceeded to almost scream for 10 seconds. I hovered over the 75' to see how the goal was scored. it wouldnt
  3. So, I bought the game via Play Store yesterday, and started playing, I picked up Sintrense (Portuguese 3rd Division) and Started playing, I Won the promotion final(It's like winning the title) with only 1 defeat, and over 100 goals scored although being knocked out in 3rd Round Portugal Cup Next Season I felt the team was good enough for the 2nd tier, and won't need my help to go up So I Saw some clubs which had gained promotion to the 3rd tier from the 4th Keep in mind my Rep at the start was Normal(Local) and in game my Rep is Regional in the new season
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