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  1. They aren't good enough for the senior squad yet. One player had some bit part game time. Out of the half dozen or so players in the category, the loan success rate has been around 20-25%. I'm now selling anyone over the age of 21 if they aren't in the senior squad. Maybe it'll be different if/when I get to the top division.
  2. Stage 1 of player thinking of leaving a club is "Considering his options". Stage 2 of player thinking of leaving a club is "Leaving on a Free Transfer". What are the chances of changing a player's mind with "Leaving on a Free Transfer"? Sounds a bit definite.
  3. I've made some new basic training schedules. They're with my possession-based team in mind, so they might not be so suitable for a gegenpressing or counterattacking side.
  4. Okay. If I'm changing the Upcoming Match sessions to fit the upcoming match, then I might change the other schedules anyway. I might make three training schedules for when the season is in progress - one balanced, one for matches I'm strong favourite for, and one for matches I'm strong underdog for. Some sessions that might change include: Balanced Match Preparation: Teamwork Tactical: Tactical Attacking: Attacking Defending: Defending Favourite Match Preparation: Attacking Movement Tactical: Attacking Shadow Play Attacking: Attacking Patient Defending: Defending Engaged Underdog Match Preparation: Defensive Shape Tactical: Defensive Shadow Play Attacking: Attacking Direct Defending: Defending Disengaged
  5. So the only training schedules worth changing for the upcoming match are those labelled as Upcoming Match?
  6. So does that mean changing something like Attacking Patient and Attacking Direct to cater for the Upcoming Match is a good idea or a bad idea?
  7. Thanks. Seems to be a complicated issue without an answer that is easy to grasp. I see that all the Set Piece category of schedules are also labelled as being for the Upcoming Match. This page discusses the temporary boost schedules: https://www.guidetofm.com/training/match-preparation/2/ So I get the impression that training schedules that are not labelled as for the Upcoming Match are about long-term player development. So training Attacking Patient before a home game against weaker opposition and training Attacking Direct before an away game against stronger opposition is unlikely to have an effect. However, there's a small chance that they could have an effect that might make it worth doing. If a player was 99.9% along the way to increasing, say, the Long Shots attribute, then training Attacking Direct, which includes Long Shots training, might make it "pop" to the next level that week, while it would not "pop" if training Attacking Patient that week, since it doesn't include Long Shots training. Over the long term, this would produce a marginal gain. Is this correct?
  8. I had a read, but so far I haven't seen explanation about how temporary attribute boosts work. Are they invisible boosts to player stats that are hidden from the human player?
  9. I've made a customizable training template which tries to cover all bases. The idea is to have one of the schedules from each category in each slot. It has three free slots for Rest, which will make players happy. With a happy squad, extra sessions can be scheduled in these slots. I wasn't sure whether to include Transition as its own category, or whether to put it in with one of the others. https://i.imgur.com/mhvJzFB.png
  10. How does that work then? Some of the training schedules are purely for Attributes training. I don't see players' Attributes change week by week according to what training is happening that week.
  11. Which training routines should be changed to fit the upcoming match? The Match Preparation category of Training routines has three that say they're for "Upcoming Match" - Teamwork, Defensive Shape, Attacking Movement. These could be adjusted for the opposition in the upcoming match. If one anticipated being the inferior side, one could choose Teamwork, if playing a pressing game and aggressively winning back the ball, or choose Defensive Shape, if playing a defensive game based on holding the shape and being hard to break through. If one anticipated being the superior side, one could choose the Attacking Movement schedule. As far as I can see, only these three schedules say they are for the Upcoming Match. Are there any other training schedules that have a short-term impact on the upcoming match, or are the rest long-term slow-burners, giving small benefit that take weeks to take effect?
  12. I only have Brazilian leagues loaded and am playing in Brazilian lower leagues. I wouldn't expect clubs from other countries to be signing my players on loan. I didn't know about loan managers. I don't have an option for one in Staff, presumably because I'm a lower league club.
  13. Look at other clubs in your league and see whether they have them.
  14. There is huge loan demand for my 16 and 17 year-old academy players, but I have difficulty getting loans for my 20 and 21 year-old development prospects, even if I ask for 0% wage contribution. Any tips on getting them loaned out?
  15. Thanks. I changed it to 95%, and now I have six panels in the Touchline Tablet. I don't know why it briefly gave me six panels before. It may have been after changing the Preferences from Windowed back to 1920x1080 screen resolution. I think the game should automatically show six panels, without having to change the zoom.
  16. Interesting. I normally have three views, with a lot of unused space. I can't see a way to make it six, although it does seem to be feasible. Also, is there a way to access this view during play? It is normally only visible in between highlights.
  17. For a moment during a match, I had six sections on the Touchline Tablet. Normally, I only have three. Is it possible to set it to show six sections?
  18. I got relegated and sacked, but was "magically" instantly rehired. About a third of my squad want to leave, but I've put my foot down and rejected all bids for them. I have almost daily team meetings in which half the squad complain at me. All the players that loved me last season now hate me. During matches, most of the team are complacent or disinterested and they perform below par. I'm sticking with my guns, though, and hoping to get re-promoted this season. I tied the players down with long contracts and huge release clauses, so they aren't going anywhere. What about you?
  19. I've read that players improve their stats from their individual training in the position they have been set to play. How much does the group training with the Training schedule affect long-term player stat growth?
  20. These player traits seem to be similar. Is Runs With Ball Often basically Runs With Ball Down Right + Runs With Ball Down Left + Runs With Ball Down Centre, or is is something slightly different? Maybe there's a directionality difference? Is giving a player both Runs With Ball Often, plus Runs With Ball Down _____ a waste, or do they complement each other?
  21. Thanks. I'll have to be more attentive to it in future, as it may have contributed to me getting the sack. Maybe forbidden topics could be in red lettering, if they aren't already.
  22. I tried extra endurance training on him, but it didn't work.
  23. Okay, I'll stick with him then. I'll imagine that, when the team is attacking, he leans against a goalpost smoking cigarettes. He is a Sweeper Keeper, mind, so he'll have to run ten yards every so often. I'll test him out and see if he can survive a match.
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