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  1. Simulator is considered something very close to the real.
  2. There are games that are not simulators. More from that.
  3. Good afternoon, SI Games team! For Football Manager 2019 and futures. Here are some suggestions for possibilities: 1) To work in an environment where sports pedagogy is detailed in the technical, professional and evolutionary issues of the players and the club in general. 2) Not all players have the attributes revealed, to be able to give more service to scouts and observers. So, detailing your work accurately. Making the action of watching more interesting. 3) The personal life part of each player. He has more autonomy to communicate and establish other types of relationships, such as making requests to the club, to the coach. 4) In training, check soccer professional programs and be able to get referrals or partnerships so the coach can set up a training and choose the move and also watch a 3D training with evolutions and realistic movements in relation to the attributes of the players. For example, we have chosen from experience and knowledge only a workout of midfielders or attackers. We design the route and become responsible for their evolution (as a technician lives day by day with his team and club). Programs such as "Trainer Dossier", "TaticalPad", "Touchbourd". Clipboard with drawings that we can set up the trainings. 5) Assess and evaluate some way to place basic categories of clubs or from the age of majority. Giving more breadth in the game and possibility to work with the base of the clubs. Check image authorization or other media. 6) More extra field technician field with the club and the players with the club. In the calendar, for example, make dinner parties or celebrations. 7) The media sometimes shed some personal information from the most prominent players worldwide. Including expectations of transfers and speculation. 8) In the 3D part, more accompaniments of moments like hospitals, stadium, events and attractive and detailed conferences. If a player is hired, he enters the stadium, makes his presentation, with interactivity options of the coach and player. Meetings with the board and players, staff and briefing, plus 3D options with interactions. 9) And the injury issue, which is absurdly high. Virtually every game, players get injured. Regardless of training. Imagine that in 1 year the player had 20 injuries. Strange, is not it? This and some other suggestions to make the simulator more and more close to reality and interesting, attracting new audiences, lovers, students and professionals of the area and the world-wide esporta. Hugs, Carefully, Neeo Instagram: fkawamoto10
  4. Good afternoon, Interactive Sports Team! It would be very cool, more complete and realistic an FM19 version with the expansion and opening to manage and take care of the basic categories of the club, such as La Masia de Barcelona, among other clubs. Sub-12, 13 ... As well as coordinating schedules of club fellowship, scheduling and choice of periodic training camps in other countries. And even including a little more about the moods of individual and group players, a little more about their personal lives. Interview with family. Who knows, do not set this type of planning in the game update draft for 2019. It is my thoughts, tips and opinions, here in Brazil. And you guys, what do you think? A big hug to everyone!
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