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  1. What he is saying is: that if you have the money and the board doesn't allow it, then it not a monetary issue. It won't help to bargain for it with promising not to spend the money (ergo giving up this 'controlled' money). And if the club has the money to do it and you ask for it, then they will just take the money from the balance and thus you will get less money to control as well. So basically you already trading transfer money for improvements. Thus this implementation in this way would make no sense. Not to mention, like in real life the board decides on how much money you get and if they need money for structural improvements they will just take 'your' money, because it is never yours. You have no right over that money and can thus not bargain with it. What you could suggest as an implementation, however, is to agree with selling players in the amount of X money and the next couple of years get a lower budget but still promise to go for the same goals, if the club will do structural/material improvements. But even then, again it is iffy. Since you only a passant, you are an employee. Only if you are like mourinho or another big name can you demand stuff like this. Since you probably will in your contract have been promised a certain annual budget.
  2. JReid

    Map of Clubs

    my undue condescension? Did you have 0 self-reflection, which was already apparent in how you get all butthurt on a forum (which is meant as discussion platform) when someone criticizes your stupid idea. Even though that is what this platform is for, the ability to critique ideas (positive as well as negative). And I just utterly disagree with this idea of yours, deal with it. But the most funny ass thing is, how you talk about condescending even though I only started after you. This is how you responded first: " I'm not sure what calculator you're playing this game on ", that is highly condescending. Or how about: " but frankly you are aiming to nip it in the bud by projecting your personal preferences in the form of a paper thin argument " Also highly condescending, you should be glad I even took my time to argument against this useless idea. Or how about: "Mindless" Or how about: "GAME DEVELOPMENT" (the use of full CAPS) So before you and others, like ManchesterCentralFUN, start about condescending or snobby, they might first read the previous response and see that I merely reacted to your bad attitude. I just gave my opinion about why I disagree with your idea. Then you started to condescending and get all butthurt.
  3. JReid

    Map of Clubs

    Uhm " I just think that their more important features to be improved or added to the game for example improvement to how transfers and wages work " that is kinda exactly one of my points as well, so apparently, you do also have my 'snobby' reasons
  4. JReid

    Map of Clubs

    It is obvious you have no understanding of marketing let alone game development. Have you ever even touched any form of computer language? One of the first things you look at is always feasibility and especially with co-product development to the requirements and capabilities of the co-product. Not to mention the fact that you have to balance between delivery to older computers as well as satisfying people with higher end computers who want more out of their game. Thus naturally your space, time, money, development team, research team and performance will be scarce and it is obvious that there is more to be gained on other areas. I rather have them max the capability with cool implementations than even spend 1% room on such a useless addition. So instead of being butthurt, you might first try to understand the argument. Because clearly, you do not comprehend, it not even about direct computing concerns. It about balance, trade-offs, benefit vs costs and opportunity costs.
  5. JReid

    Coach Lineage

    I would only be interested in this features if it would also mean that trainers employed by you would gradually change to your style or philosophy or at least have that as second philosophy. For example if you play 4-3-3 and very offensive and pressuring that the trainer will slowly become more offensive and attractive playstyle adopter or have it as second preferred playstyle
  6. Hmmmm, in my opinion, this is still one of best suggestions. I hope FM will review this. It would be awesome to put myself in the game or movie/series characters and really allow to personalize their traits and strengths/weaknesses based upon the real life and shows respectively.
  7. JReid

    Map of Clubs

    Like I said that can be done within the game, in the algorithms. I wouldn't be surprised if it already a factor that determines the performance and fatigue after a match. If not this can be added. But asking for a map for every club and then be able to see for every club a small map of the region/country and the location in which they are in. Is just a waste of viable computing power and space.
  8. I don't agree with all of them, like the youth scout is unnecessary since you can just have a scout looking for young players and below 14 are for most users useless because it takes way too long for you to be able to use them and usually you are at a new club then. Plus FM stated that due to regulations it is restricted to implement very young squads so even if you scout 14-year-olds in your region that you could not otherwise scout or are in the database (and thus purely generated by this youth scout) , he will not be able to improve because he is too young and he will typically and naturally be worse than 16-19 year olds, so won't be used in these squads. But I do really like options such as " Youth Recruitment Philosophy", "Assist bonus". Those could really add a new dimension. Personally, I would also like to see an option to tell the assistant-manager that manages youth squad and reserves to use certain players in their team and always let them start when possible (unless injured or suspended) and options to specifically tell them to not start with the player but let him be a substitute. This can help the development of youth players with high PA/ high promise by scouting but a low current ability or a player that you use for the main squad but is not fit yet. Also, players should be able to grow more with just training and not be so match dependent, such that youth gems at AI clubs will still become very good.
  9. JReid

    Map of Clubs

    It just typical football complaining. You never hear real pro's about it or athletes from any other sport that has to travel far. The distances in America are way more significant, yet you never hear american footballers, american soccer players or basketballers complain. Not to mention the fact that this can be implemented in the game as simple algorithm, without any fancy visual maps. Which only would cost space and have no edit value. Plus we are talking here about a club's position within a country or region, which has nothing to do with distance to far eastern europe. All you need as info as a player, is in which country the club is. Which is in the game already. It does not matter if your club is in north or south of spain or east or west of germany, the relative distance to a club at which travel distance starts to matter will not be affected by this relatively small deviation. Again all you need to know is in which country your club is and which country the opposition will be in, which you can already see in the game. You guys really underestimate the amount of data and processing power it takes to give every club in the game a map of the country/region in which it is in and then highlight its position in that map. This game has to run on normall computers so it will mean the designers have less room for other more important stuff and changes. Not to mention wasting time on this will mean less or no time for other changes. #timeisscarce
  10. desperate for forum moderator haha, wrong analysis, wrong jump to conclusions even. Just common fora courtesy. It was on first page, it required nothing more than little scrolling down. Plus all I did was show it was already asked and that it is in review. Hence he should be even happy, now he knows the thing is looked at by fm. So no i did not make him look stupid, only for his idiotic responce.
  11. On a complex game like this, with much more data and simulations, it would require different algorithms for so many things, so more chance of bugs and less performance and space for other stuff.
  12. Yes this thread is indeed unnecessary, good of you to finally acknowledge that. PS funny how u talk about chill out, while all I did was common forum practice, pointing out when something is already talked about. Dont be so butthurt that you found out that your thread is unnecessary and that you were to lazy to even check out the first page. This link was even a recent one and from first page. This is all on yourself buddy
  13. I dislike when people suggest PA should be dynamic or changing. That is where CA is for and PA nicely shows the upper bound that every person has due to his dna. CA is the current level achieved by the underlying dna and environment. It is like a tree which if planted in rainforest will grow to 30 metres while on a mountain won't grow taller than 4 cm and be very fragile. And truly don't want PA to be able to change or like some want being updated within a game if the player in real life is doing well. I play fm for my own simulation and not to follow the exact world, the moment I take over in july it should diverge from the real world. But what the topic creator suggested, I do really like. I feel that now a player won't reach his full potential anymore if he is not used a lot in his early years and will get quickly stuck on a certain level. I do like the idea of a player having a chance of later growth spurt in ability. Sure the chance of developing hugely in mental aspect should be bigger for someone in his later stage, but it should not be limited. For example: someone above 24 who still has a large gap between PA and CA, should have a probability of attaining is PA and this will most likely be filled by technique and someone above 28 with a large gap should really be able to grow a lot and most likely develop his mental aspects. But in both scenarios, there should be a chance of other traits (like for example more physical attributes) to grow. Sure now we also have that someone who has points left between CA and PA will at late stage gain points in mental aspects, but these are quite minor, never is a gap of 20 or 30 points between CA and PA overtaken. Plus there should be probability of other aspects to close this large gap and not just mental. The other aspects like physical or technique should just have lower probability but not be impossible. This will also solve one of my irritation that big talents bought by AI will get wasted since they don't get enough play time and play time has a super big weight in FM in terms of determining growth.
  14. This was already mentioned and in different forms. Like asking for amateur crowds, smaller crowds in terms of visual effects and sound effects. So this thread is really unnecessary.
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