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  1. @improvox Nah, this year it specifically states if they want a loan or transfer. @rinso Thanks for the help rinso, but I just couldn't be asked anymore and deciding to give him Spanish citizenship. Bit scummy I know, but it was too annoying to keep dealing with. Thanks again
  2. @rinso this is one of the more frustrating things I’ve experienced in football manager
  3. @rinso he is loan listed (something ehh the game says he’s interested in), Sunderland but after some successful seasons rep is up to 4.5 stars, and it’s about a year since I signed him
  4. Hey all, so about 3 seasons ago, I accidentally declined joining the under 23 premier league. I haven’t seen an option to accept again and it’s rather annoying, any help is appreciated.
  5. I’m currently trying get this Argentinian wonderkid a work permit and a loan move is the best option. He’s already very good, and clubs such as Milan and Barcelona are interested. The player himself says he’s open to a loan but then I offer him, clubs feel as though he doesn’t have sufficient interest. Any tips on how to fix this?
  6. @Urbiscuit18 Honestly, I'm not to sure what style to choose. Although I'd like for it to be that the defenders/BWM win the ball and give it to the DPL who then sprays it out to the wings, who then cross it to the forwards. Additionally, the pressing forward pressures the opposition, winning the ball and passing it to the advanced forward. But I'll try with no instructions and see how it goes.
  7. Only used it for one game so far, created possibly the most chances I've ever seen however it was pretty open defensively (of course my strikers missed every chance that was handed to them!)
  8. Hey all, I've recently found myself with several quality strikers, so I decided to make a tactic suited to a two striker formation. The tactic and player roles is shown in the screenshots below. Player instructions are as such: Advanced Striker (Right): - Take more risks - Dribble more - Shoot more often Pressing Forward Support (Left) - Move into channels Inside Forward Attack (Left) - Cross aim centre - Shoot more often - Sit narrower Winger Attack (Right) - Cross aim centre - Shoot more often Ball Winning Midfielder Defend (Left) - Standard instructions for role Deep Lying Playmaker Support (Right) - More direct passes Wing Back Automatic (Left and Right) - Cross more often - Cross from byline - Cross aim centre - Shoot less often Central Defender Defend (Left and Right) - Standard instructions for role
  9. I posted this in the general section, and I was told by a moderator to report it here. Here's the link to the other post: But here's a brief overview; after a very successful season with Sunderland, in which the clubs finances rocketed, the board have allocated me basically pennies in comparison to what a prem team would normally recieve. Thanks
  10. Similar thing for me, Sunderland want me to develop the BEST youth system in England by 2024... Bit overambitious if you ask me. Couple that with how they refuse to upgrade anything to do with the youth teams (facilities, youth recruitment etc).
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