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    JJ, In a band called The Main Grains (hence the username), loved FM since the first championship manager, so, showing my age a bit! Need help with graphics and editing but I am getting there

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  1. I have thought of another one, as well as a non-stupid Scottish setup, I would like to see the champions league where its actually champions, no more of the 4 teams from one country and runners up, 3rd and 4th place finishers just because its a "bigger league". Would much rather it be pure, so, champions all qualify, the rest go into the Europa league not sure how easy that is
  2. I am enjoying it, its far better than the ridiculous setup we currently have. 18 teams is cool, I tried making one myself but got lost, I was going for a basic copy of the English system, 20 team premier league, 24 team championship, 3 up, 3 down, playoffs to go up, but, the relegated teams couldnt stay up via playoff (thats another mad one we do haha)
  3. Downloaded this now so going to have a play with it. Sounds pretty much like what I would like, although I did think about promotion playoffs as being good, but, not the relegation ones we have currently
  4. Not sure if this has been mentioned, and I have missed it, but, I would love to see a Scottish one, with, the lower leagues all included, but, maybe (may be easier?) To replicate the English League system, so we have, Scottish Premier (20 teams, play twice, no bloody split!), scots championship (maybe 20 teams again? or 24), That would actually do, but, adding in league one and league two, with a lot of junior teams etc may be cool, and, adding playoffs between all the leagues, like, 3 up 3 down (but play offs like England, where relegated teams dont get the chance to stay up like they do in scotland) oh, and decent prize money for once Is that too demanding? haha
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