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  1. Never realised how bad his stats were. 18 flair and 7 decisions! Not to mention fairly average mental stats. I'd sell him soon as you can but yeah he has long on his contract so probably that's why his value is so high.
  2. While he's not the best player stats wise, his goal scoring record is ridiculous. Remember scouring through the best clubs youth teams to find the best players and found this gem. Don't think I have ever seen a player like him in all the Fm's I have played in terms of goals to game ratio. Even his national team ratio is crazy.
  3. Unless they are regens then hardly. Some great regens have come from Ivory Coast, South Korea, Ghana to name a few. Mind you there is Sydney Mohamed Sylla from Burkina Faso (real player) who is 18 with a -7.5 potential. Problem is getting a work permit. Another is Humam Tariq from 2015 who turned into an absolute word beater for me.
  4. Just make sure the team you are loaning them out to have good enough training facilities especially if they are good youth prospects. I rarely send young players out on loan due to youth development (unless a work permit is required), and only ever send players out on loan if I want to increase their value so I can sell them if I know they aren't good enough for first team.
  5. I found on the older FM I became a legend quicker as opposed to the new ones; In FM 2014 I won the prem and champions league after 7 seasons and was a legend. Mind you I do most of the time start as Wolves which is a smaller club in terms of reputation in game so maybe that's why I achieved it so quickly.
  6. Yeah from all these real life examples looks like it does. Just had no clue SI had put it in the game. Now it's deciding which of these crazy injuries was behind it; I'm putting my money on his toddler’s tricycle
  7. Only one I have seen in recent fm is the virus which lasts for 10/11 months. Can't remember but sure in fm 2015, Odegaard had it and was never the same after. Either that or some ligament injury. Broken spine just sounds awful and sure there is a high chance he would retire after something like that
  8. Yeah, injures in training or bloody food poisoning are worse enough but a domestic accident? SI really have lost me on this one.
  9. So as it says in the title. In my Wolves save and get this message saying my player on loan has had a twisted ankle due to being injured in a freak domestic accident. Never seen this type of injury before in previous titles; I have played since fm 2014. Anyone else ever had this type of injury before? P.S. This is on fm 2017.
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