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  1. So the bug is actually part of an update. Hmmm. Haven't begun a new game since release, so that's probably why I haven'r experienced it.
  2. Agreed - it's very strange. The first two seasons should see number 11 and 14 in group A and number 12 and 13 in group B. Number 7 and 8 hereafter chooses which group they want to be in. Should they differ number 9 also gets to choose - if number 8 chooses the same group as number 7, number 9 and 10 gets placed in the remaining spots i the other group. I've had the same save since release, and have never been in the relegation groups, so I haven't participated in the "choosing proces", but the placement of numbers 11 - 14 has been as it should be in seasons 18/19 and 19/20. I also haven't experienced the above mentioned (many have mentioned the same issue) about 7 possible substitutes.
  3. Perhaps I'm not following, but in my save there's only 3 subs possible: To my knowledge it has never been a problem with to many subs possible?! I'm in 2026 now - maybe it changes in later seasons?
  4. Thanks. I'm looking forward to it. I've holidayed a little further and took a look on the Rules pages. There actually seems to be another "glitch" :-). It indicates that there are 3 rounds of Playoffs. I reality there should be only two: "First round" and "Final round". The funny thing is that when the Championship/Relegation stage are completed (just before the playoffs are announced), the second round actually disappears?!
  5. Of course. I've uploadet two saves. My current and a save 3 matches before the separation into Championship Group and Relegation Stage. They're called "comoholic - current save" and "comoholic - save before split". I'm looking forward to your respons :-).
  6. There seems to be an issue with the revised rules in season 3 (2020/2021) also. It separates the 12 teams in 2 x 6 (Championship Group and Relegations Stage) just fine. Then it starts to get tricky. The rules for the Relegations Stage says that the top two teams qualify for European Places Playoff (should be + "First Round"). The rules for these specifies that the winner qualifies for the European Places Playoff Second Round (should be "Final Round" instead of "Second Round"). The rules for the Championship Group specifies that team in 4th position qualifies for European Places Playoff Final (should be "Final Round" instead of just "Final"). Btw - shouldn't this be dynamic, so if a country gets more European places, the rules for the Qualification place from the Championship Group should change accordingly from 4th to 5th?? The thing is that the Final Round is never scheduled. The 5 European places is just given to the 5 top places in the Championship Group. I quickly want to mention that in my game Denmark is 14th in the Nation Club Coefficients and therefore have 5 European Places (two in the Champions Cup and three ind the Euro Cup). What to do? My version is 19.2.0 and I'm on Monday June 7th 2021.
  7. Am I right in assuming that UEFA International League is called this instead of UEFA Nations League due to licensing issues?
  8. Am I right in assuming that UEFA International League is called this instead of UEFA Nations League due to licensing issues?
  9. Sounds reasonable :-). And streching the Windowed mode to fill the whole screen is almost the same for me, so no worries. Thanks man.
  10. Actually it has been on medium settings all the time :-). I've never tried windowed mode before so that was a new experience. BUT IT WORKED!!!! Neil, you're a genius. But what's the difference in graphics between windowed mode and full screen since it can have such a big effect to change it?
  11. It's again up to 2½ stars but unfortunately still lagging in 3D. Maybe AMD just isn't strong enough :-(.
  12. Hopefully this is the number you mean, since there are no label on the bottom of my laptop :-). HP Pavilion 17-e105eo A4-5000/8GB/750GB/8670 - 1GB/W8.1
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