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  1. I find it really hard to settle on a team in the first month or so of every new game, there's too many teams floating around in my head that I want to have a look at, I make it about 3 or 4 games into a save and then get distracted by thoughts of how I could use the squad of a certain team to play a certain tactic, the furthest I've made it Into a save is November with PSV but I've started 4 saves since I last played that, however I know I'll go back to PSV at some point as they've been my favourite team to manage since fm13
  2. With it being the international break, I was was wandering what kind of players you've seen or had that changed nationalities and became a key player for that chosen national team. I have two that come to mind immediately from fm19. Firstly, when I was managing PSV, Angelino, the left back who since resigned for City irl, after five seasons for me in Holland switched allegiances from Spain to the Netherlands, plugging one of the few gaps I believe that national squad has Secondly, whilst managing Man Utd, I signed Alex Telles and gave him a clause in his contract doubling his w
  3. I'm not an arsenal fan, so I didnt see the point of purchasing the special arsenal edition of fm20, however, I read somewhere that the arsenal team would still be licensed in the normal version of the game which increased my interest in managing the team in the beta, however from the off I noticed that the badge is an FM generated badge rather than the iconic badge of arsenal. Does anyone know the extent of the licensing available for arsenal in the game? Will it be available in the full game after the beta period? Or was the information wrong?
  4. So now the beta is out, who is everyone managing to start it off? I've gone in with Leipzig to make use of the ridiculous young talent they have throughout the sqaud.
  5. I got sacked by Salford on this current fm after a horrid time with injuries left me battling for a playoff spot when the board wanted automatic promotion, I thought it was a bit harsh as the players I had out injured, didn’t have long left and would have been good enough to spur my promotion push
  6. I cannot, for the life of me, get any strikers to play consistently for me across any of my saves this year, apart from one season with Tammy Abraham in the championship in the 2021/22 season leading me to promotion with a 28 goal haul, I can’t think of any other strikers that have been able to get me 20 goals a season in all competitions let alone in the league. Has anyone else seen this in their own FM19 career and does anyone have any advice? I’ve used most striking roles in various combinations and set ups, currently using Moussa Dembele in an Advanced Forward role in a 4231 con
  7. If i was as good at making a profit in real life as I am on fm I probably wouldn’t spend so much time on fm
  8. I’ve never managed a big club in the top 5 leagues other than in England, but even that is only when I look at what’s happening irl and think “I could do better with that squad” or if I feel a particular big 6 team would present a good rebuild opportunity, such as my current save at Chelsea on fm19, but this only started to tide me over until fm20. I like saves such as PSV and Benfica because they might be strong in their respective leagues, but you really need to buy and sell constantly and make consistent profits in order to survive in Europe while maintaining your national form and tha
  9. I’m definitely gonna go back to Lyon for a save, they only lost mendy and ndombele but I feel they replaced them well so I’m looking forward to endings PSGs reign of terror
  10. Holland is the best league outside the top 5 imo, fortuna sittard was a great save on fm18, could take them over and try to keep them up?
  11. Really interesting to read these examples of forgotten about, like Defoe to rangers or schurrle to Fulham 2 year loans would be really helpful in lower league saves
  12. I can think of a few examples where two year loans have happened in real life that aren’t an option in game, such as in Scotland where Celtic had Charly Musonda on a two year loan from Chelsea a few season ago
  13. What circumstances allow you to get players on a 2 year loan? I know you can always extend a players loan at the end of the original loan spell, but the option of a 2 year loan spell has been in the game for a while but I’ve never been able to make an offer for one
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