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  1. I agree with this, in 5 seasons at psv I have won 5 league titles and six dutch super cups, reached at least the quarter finals of the champions league every season and have turned the Dutch league into the sixth best league based on European coefficients, yet I’m still only favoured, I know I haven’t won the Dutch cup but I don’t think that’s going to be enough to push me into icon status
  2. You should easily be able to finish in mid table by spending 10m out of your 26m on four or five players, I’d just make sure the core of the team are at least championship quality
  3. I experienced something similar managing Celtic on fm16, it wasn’t a regen but it was van dijk, my board sold him for 7m and the worst bit is I didn’t even know about it until it came to selecting my lineup for my next game and he wasn’t there, very disappointing
  4. I’ve managed Celtic in the last game and I wasn’t affected by brexit, maybe it was just a bug or maybe there is a chance scotland had been able to randomly acquire independence
  5. Do you ever get the option for Great Britain to be in the olympics? The only time I’ve seen it was on FM12 when the Olympic were in London, I know Britain don’t tend to be in the Olympics anyway
  6. I was once managing in league two and I had a key centre back break his leg and miss 6 months of the season 4 months into his injury time he came to me complaining I wasn’t giving him enough game time So I sold him once he was fit
  7. I like to make sure I have a first team squad to fill the European quota; 2 players in each position (22) plus 3 back up players, normally older home grown players, in certain positions depending on what formation I’m playing For example, currently playing a 433 so my back up 3 are the traditional old HG GK (like rob green irl), a CM and a ST Finally, depending how much money I make from wheeling and dealing I like to stockpile young players in my B and U19 teams, I tend to buy young Brazilians when I’m managing in Holland
  8. I understand it’s not guaranteed, it’s just that in 5 seasons I thought I’d have brought in at least one decent prospect, I just wandered if other people have seen the same things in their own saves
  9. I’m curious to know what people’s opinions on the youth intakes on this game. Im currently in my 6th season with psv, I have a good relationship with the board and they have twice agreed to improve the youth recruitment However, the best player I’ve received on intake day has been around the 2/2.5 star mark, in previous games you’d probably get at least one 3.5/4 star potential player every season Is anyone else noticing something like this?
  10. From a corner the ball is played into the box and put into the net by a member of the defending team for an own goal. However, the referee has then disallowed the goal because the defending player who scored (conceded?) the own goal, has pushed one of the attacking players. There is no penalty awarded and the match timeline at the top of the screen shows the defending team as having a goal disallowed. The score remains the same and play continues as if nothing had happened.
  11. I’ve tried deleting custom workshop files, uninstalling the game and re installing, my game isn’t affected by antivirus but nothing has fixed the issue
  12. Yes I’m having this, I’ve sent a support request but haven’t had a reply yet
  13. I love 19 but I sunk so many hours into 17 as a 20yo with a range of different team qualities and always found a different way to succeed
  14. I think it would be a good idea if the board sent you an email expressing their concerns over the wage budget, allowing you to make adjustments before they start reducing the percentage you receive from player sales. for example, I had a transfer budget of £6M and a wage budget of £20k, I offered a pre-contract to a player worth £27k a week, meaning that my budget showed a wage of -£7k and immediately my board reduced the percentage by 30%, not a major issue but a minor annoyance
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