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  1. Is this game too easy??

    I agree that the problem lies in the awful transfers the A.I. occasionally does. And I don't think it would be that hard to implement a better transfer A.I. . They also have scouting reports, obviously, but they shouldn't rely on scouting reports alone. Usually, attribute distribution is more important than CA, yet the AI doesn't seem to recognize that fact. In my opinion, the AI manager already has every tool to his disposal. Managers have a preffered formation and playing style. There are several roles for every position that highlight all the required attributes. All the A.I. has to do is decide on a balanced role system for his formation and sign players accordingly. As mentioned above, average rating also plays a huge role, yet in real life, I have seen the same happening. 20 goal per season players were put in the reserves or on the bench because 'they didn't fit in the system'. (I live in Belgium, but for who know them, Wesley Sonck or Kevin Vandenbergh are great examples) This also gives me the idea to make scouts look for roles instead of positions, saying Johnny McJohn is a great box to box player instead of a great midfield player. This would also make it easier for the AI managers, since they would have to do less of the scouting themselves. Strangely enough, I have occasionally encountered managers who kept on making great signings and made life hard for me. And when they resigned the club took a dive in the rankings. So maybe it is possible already, but the attributes required of the managers are just too high. edit: what may also play a part is the fact that in real life, managers are seldom the only one making the decision who to buy and who not to buy. There are many clubs where the manager just says 'I need a strong forward' and then the chairman splashes some cash and buys a woeful player because the chairman doesn't know the least about football and the player has a good agent. We don't have that problem in Football Manager however, and although it would be realistic to emulate that problem by making other managers sign poor players, it unbalances the game
  2. Free Kick Takers

    A while back I saw a convincing thread about this somewhere in the tactics and training forum. According to the poster the three most important attributes were free kicks, technique and flair.
  3. AI Scouting

    Well, if you look at how in depth a good assistant manager can analyse a squad both during and before a match (pre-match advice and all that), and issue opposition instructions accordingly, it's safe to assume that an AI manager (a good one in any case) does much the same. The famous second season slump however is in my opinion more the result of a reputation increase due to you winning the league. The season you first won the league, clubs didn't really value your team as highly. This meant that they would play more open and attacking football, allowing you to keep it tight and counter well, or even surprise them by attacking yourself. This second season the opposition has finally admitted your team is better than they initially thought. Because they are now playing against a former league winner, they will play more defensive and keep spaces tight. The best way to get around this would be to play a more controlling game, keeping the ball and looking for an opening. Of course, a different playstyle demands different skills from your players, with creativity and flair becoming more important.
  4. Belgian league error or what?

    Yes, we know, and we are sorry. That's what we get for letting the clubs decide how they want the league. And if you think the play-off system system is overly complicated and unfair, wait till you see our government system. BTW: IRL Standard almost grabbed the title after having their 16 point gap after 30 games reduced to just 8 points in the play offs. They were poor all season, only getting into the playoff 1 on the last day. Apparently they'd been saving up for the last 10 matches of the season, since those seem to be the only ones that count. (They missed the title on the last day though, after having their star player getting kicked in the face. About every bone there was broken, as well as losing a few teeth. A well deserved yellow card for the defender that did it)
  5. @isignedupfornorealreason: Gate receipts from the FA cup are divided in two and each club receives an equal amount. Since BSN sides are not known for their big-capacity stadiums or hordes of fans, drawing sides away in a cup is usually a good thing for your finances.
  6. In real life, there are in my mind 3 factors to make an estimate of the potential of a player: 1) actual skill and age: A young player that is very good will have more time to improve than a young player with less skill. Both these things are accessible to you in the game. 2) Personality: A youngster that is willing to learn will have a brighter future than a lazy sod. In the game this is represented by the personality stats, of which only determination is available for you to see and the rest is included in a vague personality description. I don't really understand why you can't tell if a player has a professionality rating of 7 or 14, I feel the personality system is way too vague to be realistic, but we have to work with what we've got. There's also a thread out there somewhere with a list of all personalities and their corresponding attributes. 3) Improvement: A player who shows real improvement from year to year is likely to have more potential. A big improvement in skill is usually an indicator that there is some headroom. This isn't readily available to you in the game (although in my mind it would be a nice addition) but if you make screenshots of your prospects at the beginning of each year, you'll get an idea of who has improved a lot (big PA/CA gap) and who hasn't (CA = PA). This means you should give them chances to improve though. If you use these three indicators and the star system, I feel it gives you a fairly realistic image of how good a player will be. It isn't fool proof, but then again, neither is real life. So to answer your question: Is it cheating? I think it is. You have enough information at your disposal to make estimated guesses not to need a 3rd party program. Making these guesses is more work though. This brings us to the next question: Is it allowed? Although it is technically cheating, it is also a game and noone is going to punish you for playing it in the way you get the most fun out of it. If you feel your game would be more fun if you knew the PA of each of your players, by all means go ahead. Edit: The only problem with the game vs reality is that you have no history on newly generated players, while a manager in real life can track a youngsters improvements from when he was a baby. Then again you get the star system which does give you a decent indication about the players abilities. And to anwser to the above post: the problem in the game is not how you are unable to judge player's abilities, it's how you AM and scouts are so much better at it than you (yes, because they cheat ). The fact that scout reports are seemingly generated within seconds might make you think that judging a players ability should be easy when in fact it is a very difficult and time-consuming process.
  7. So in other words, we need voice recognition on FM12. Imagine the possibilities!
  8. I've read a post about training on here somewhere (probably the training an tactics forum) that could explain what's going on. It seems attribute changes are the result of a checksum being made. This includes training intensity, how good your coaches are, schedules and a bunch of other factors, together with a random one (it's like throwing dice with a modifier). If that sum is higher than a certain value (which is also calculated by various in-game variables), his attributes will increase. If it is lower than another value, they will drop. Now my theory is that the trained well/trained badly report is only influenced by results (he could have trained hard, but in the end he got worse, so training hard =/= training well). So a lazy player can get lucky and increase his attributes, while a hard working player can be unlucky and drop. EDIT: I've had a look around and I think I've found the thread: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/240386-FM2011-Training-Masterclass It's a very interesting read, and if you look a bit more you'll also find a continued discussion about this thread and linear training.
  9. Have you had any incidents with players not arriving or being late to training? And if so did you fine them? Same with dumb red cards. And if all else fails, just fine the complaining players for two weeks wages. That will shut them up.
  10. The problem with FM is that it's supposed to simulate real life, meaning we have a reference point to compare the game to. It's impossible for a computer to predict a persons actions, never mind predicting 22 persons. So FM will never be perfect. What we can expect is the game allowing us to play in it's virtual reality meaning no crash dumps, interface bugs and completely unrealistic and random match events (I mean balls floating accross the field, physically impossible goals, etc.) If the game does this, it's 'bug free'. Anything else is less important. Also, everything you get after you buy the game in form of support and patches is an extra SI is giving you, and it's certainly not the customers right. You bought the game as is, and if you're not happy with it you shouldn't have bought it. There's reviews enough and even an almost fully functional demo to help you decide. The only alternative to making a new game every year is to keep pumping out incremental patches, much like an MMO. In fact, SI is already doing that with FM Live. In order for them to do that they would need a monthly fee, like FM Live. And even then it's sometimes better to just start all over again instead of trying to improve on an old game. You think we would have the 3d match engine if this were just a patched up version of FM 2005?
  11. 22 CCC's 1 goal

    I'd say you have a look at the other teams in your game. Since the match engine doesn't make a difference between AI and player controlled teams, any such issue would be spread accross the game. If this isn't the case, the problem is with either your tactics or your players.
  12. Player stats or CA..?

    The one with the lower CA is better for 2 reasons: 1) He has better attributes 2) Lower CA will mean that he will be able to improve more than a player with higher CA but the same PA This is of course unless higher CA also means better hidden attributes Basically you'd have stumbled upon a player with better attribute distribution
  13. Although I have to admit I've had some great times on FM2007, It was far from perfect. With 7.0.2 I had the feeling the difficulty had gone down quite a bit, which among other factors was the reason you could do well while cruising through the seasons, since you didn't really have to change your tactics once you found one that worked. I think it's match engine was better than the current one, and the game was a lot smoother. On the downside, targetmen where overpowered (find a 16+ jumping guy in lower leagues and he'll get an average rating close to 8, even if he has 1 on all other attributes) and ironically, almost all regens seemed to lack in the jumping department. I remember having to resort to using a 14 jumping target man in the championship... My advice would be to go back to FM 2007. Either you find yourself having a lot of fun, or you'll rekindle your love for all the features that have been added over the last couple of years. As much as I'd like to get into FM 07 like in the good olden days, I don't think I could go back. I'd simply miss some things that later FMs added.
  14. Creativity to see the gap for a through ball Passing to execute it Decisions to give it at the right time Off the ball to find space and time to get the overview Teamwork so he is more likely to pass instead of go for his own glory in the form of long shots and stupid dribbles It's also very important that your strikers get on the end of the through ball, I'd say most important attributes for them would be: Anticipation to see it coming Acceleration/Pace to get there first Off the Ball (ties in with anticipation) Decisions to make his run at the right time I think that's about it although there's probably more involved (like technique as a general factor to give the right pass, composure because as a playmaker he will be closed down alot and shouldn't panic and give a backpass, dribbling and agility to get past his man and create space for himself that way, he'll also attract more defenders so gaps will be forming for your forwards to run into,etc...) Also take care not to overdo it on the through balls instructions. Through balls are always less likely to find their target than simple passes, so having your whole midfield attempting through balls all the time could result in you losing alot of possession Not sure about flair, i think it's more to do with tricks and attempting harder stuff. I think it shouldn't be low, but not sure if it should be as high as possible. And as for your initial doubts about creativity: i think it's about the most important attribute of them all. Creativity for the player means that he is able to spot opportunities easier. If you want him to do as he's told you should limit his creative freedom, which is another thing entirely
  15. I've had my debts cleared in FM10 as well so it's not really a new feature. It is a NICE feature though