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  1. Which skin(s) for FM16 can show the opposition players roles and duties on the tactical screen?
  2. Sorry for the off topic question but what is the skin you are using to see the opposition roles?
  3. The cure for Early, drilled crosses to on-rushing striker and Through ball to diagonal run from winger I found is to play with flat back 5 - this really works for me.
  4. It depends from a hidden attribute "adaptability". If it is high maybe a half of a season, if not maybe an year but it is very dependable. If you play him in the new position it will become faster.
  5. Even the "Special One" manage to win one Copa del Ray
  6. Yes, I have noticed the same. When AI defend it drop extra defender and when attack extra striker. I do not think it is realistic becouse we can not change tactics so often. I consider it like AI cheat.
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