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    FM Addict, been playing Championship Manager since 95 and never missed a title. Surely got racked more than 20,000 hours playing CM and FM combined. Massive Juventus fan and author of Guide to FM eBook.

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    FM Addict


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    Programming, Juventus, Writing, FM

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    Juve, still no Champions League ;(

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  1. Roy Rovers

    Cheapest place to buy FM19

    FM19 Christmas Super Sale, offer here. Prices with 2game and FM-BLOG discount applied; £37,99 / £25 .19 (35% Off, -£13) €54,99 / €27.86 (50% Off! -€27) $49.99 / $33.74 (%35 Off, -$17) Valid till 3rd January, offer here.
  2. Roy Rovers

    Cheapest place to buy FM19

    Prices with 2game and FM-BLOG discount applied £37,99 £29 .69 / €54,99 €33.84 / $49.99 $40.50 Valid till 31th December. You can see the offer here.
  3. Agreed to most, but still a nice feature.
  4. One of the Facebook community members pointed this feature out (it's all about 'Media Description'). Now you can easily identify who are the wonderkid players in your FM19 save with enabling this field while searching for players. You can see the how it's done here. Would really like to know if anyone has any other cool hacks like this to share...