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  1. I play Tottenham, and to prevent Lloris decay i searched a top young goalkeeper. So I bought Donnamura from Milan, 80M fee, on paper he is the best... And then, 8 first matchs on Premier League: 12 goals conceded. And not against monster teams... Is this really worth it to have the best GK possible?
  2. By the way what's the worst injury you can get in fm18? Somebody on the net says he got a player with spine broken for 2 years, but it was in a previous version
  3. I see... thanks (Meanwhile in the niche of rugby management games you can see huge fights popping in about 50% of the matchs ^^)
  4. The worst suspension one of my player got so far is a three-match suspension for an elbow strike on an opponent. But can players really get those 5 to 12 matchs suspensions, if they strike or insult the referee for exemple? Seems to never happen Thanks
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