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  1. Season 1 Review Competitions Ended the season 2nd in the league but got promoted via playoffs. Wasn't expecting to get promoted in the first season, hopefully, we can survive Serie C next season. In the Serie D cup, we lost in our first match in the second round. Conceding a goal in extra time which wasn't great. Transfers Not many transfers being made as I felt the squad was already pretty strong and the finances were tight. Youth Intake Other Note At the end of the season with the club getting promoted, we turned professional Aims Next Season The aim will be survival in Serie C and to improve the facilities.
  2. Basically just on the look our for a New Team to manage. Looking for a challenge, no matter how big or small, and interesting and fun teams to manage. What are your guys suggestions?
  3. August A Near Perfect start to the Season, and Run of Games! No loses yet on the board which is Good, also brought in Diego Reyes from Porto on loan for the season. It's our third loan deal with no departures.
  4. July A Great start to the season! A 3-0 win over Guadalajara in the Champions Trophy, but not the Champions League we want. Two wins in the first 2 games of the League season! We were predicted first so it may be expected, but it is still quite the competitive league. Hopefully, the North American Champions League can come home quickly to us in the first couple of seasons at the latest. As for Transfers we've had another loan come in from UNAM. Hoping he can be a decent attacking option used for rotation.
  5. Pre-season Pre-season went well, 2 Games and 2 Wins. Gignac Playing well scoring 4 in the 2 Games. Arbeit again they were poorer quality opposition we still played well Thumping Titanes Saltillo 7-0. Transfers - So far Just the one loan so far, don't know if I'll make any more signings but if I do I will be sure to post it.
  6. I think it will be a Fun challenge to complete Bit disappointed that the Mexcian Teams no longer play in the Copa Libertadores still :/ Good Luck with beating the Brazilian Teams, can Imagine they are quite superior. Thanks for the support!
  7. So I'm starting off with Tigres UANL as I think I will, Hopefully, win the CONCACAF Champions League pretty quick. Just to get the save rolling nicely. Also really Enjoy the Mexican League structure. I will go for monthly in-game updates.
  8. Hi, this will be My First Post on this forum. Only a Recent-ish player of FM as My first Full FM experience was on FM18. Regardless I hope that I can provide some entertainment with My Save. So I have been lurking around in this forum for some time now, without making an account and posting anything. I have enjoyed reading multiple saves that have been going around. Inspired by @ManUtd1 and @Makoto Nakamura's Saves with the Nearly Men both in the UEFA Champions League, and Europa League respectively, I have decided to do the Same with America's. Originally I was only planning to use South America and the Copa Libertadores but decided to add the CONCACAF Champions League to also include North America as well as South America. This mainly being as from 2015 Mexican Clubs do not participate in the Copa Libertadores anymore. In Regards to the CONCACAF Champions League, the Competition started out a New Era in 2008, with a Group Stage instead of the Old format with when the Teams were originally split into zones. I have decided to include the Teams that came runner-up in the old format in the save as Teams I'll complete the challenge with, just for more of a challenge, along with the teams from the format now too of course. I do believe IRL there is a new format that the Teams qualify by starting this 2018. So the Idea of this Save as You may have guessed so far is to Win The Copa Libertadores with the Clubs that have come runner-up before but never ended up reaching the end goal, I will then proceed to do the same for the CONCACAF Champions League with North America. Also as an extra added bonus down the Line is using International Teams as well for the Gold Cup and Copa America, this though probably won't happen until later in the save. Just to note the Only Runner-up never to win the Copa America is Mexico. I know IRL it is the 10 South American Countries + 2 others. In FM these are labeled as "B" teams. Not sure how it will work out with Mexico but if anyone does know then that would be very Appreciated. Also with the Gold Cup Brazil lost in a final when it wasn't limited to just CONCACAF Nations, but since then it has been only CONCACAF Nations so Brazil is now impossible to win that competition with. Not sure how often I'll be updating, just whenever I get chance too as FM Playing time can be limited due to RL, but I will do my Best. I have Loaded up all the Leagues I Need but can Add and Remove when Needed, I have all North + South American Leagues available to me with @claassen s wonderful update pack. I will finish off this first Post with All the Teams I Need to use to complete this challenge Documented below: Copa Libertadores Finalists: América (Colombia) - 1985, 1986, 1987, 1996 Barcelona (Ecuador) - 1990, 1998 Cobreloa (Chile) - 1981, 1982 Deportivo Cali (Colombia) - 1978, 1999 Independiente del Valle (Ecuador) - 2016 Nacional (Paraguay) - 2014 Newell's Old Boys (Argentina) - 1988, 1992 São Caetano (Brazil) - 2002 Sporting Cristal (Peru) - 1997 Universidad Católica (Chile) - 1993 Universitario (Peru) - 1972 Unión Española (Chile) -1975 CONCACAF Champions League Finalists: Broncos FC (Honduras) - 1980 FC Pinar del Río (Costa Rica) - 1989, 1990 Jong Colombia (Curaçao) - 1967, 1979 León - (Mexico) - 1993 Monarcas Morelia - (Mexico) - 2002, 2003 Montreal Impact - (MLS) - 2015 Police FC - (Trinidad and Tobago) - 1961 Real Salt Lake (USA) - 2011 Robinhood (Suriname) - 1976, 1977, 1982, 1983 Santos Laguna (Mexico) - 2012, 2013 Tigres UANL (Mexico) - 2016, 2017 Gold Cup: Costa Rica - 2002 Honduras -1991 Jamacia - 2015, 2017 Panama - 2005, 2013 Copa America: Mexico - 2001
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