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  1. Im looking for a database that makes all the leagues in Europe "no foreigner" in match squad allowed
  2. Nice club choice! Hope you get them promoted just like real life this season. Good luck
  3. The Manager Meet Berry Vincent a young ambitious starting manager who is looking to bring glory to Oss! Still have a lot to learn The Club Predicted to finish 12th, so the media expect another boring mid table season. Fierce rivals are FC Den Bosch and RKC and Eindhoven as minor ones. Facilities Still got a lot of work ahead of us in this department. Don't expect much in the sense of youth coming trough, there a are much bigger and better clubs close to us.
  4. INTRO: Hello friends! I have been roaming the career forums for a while now and decided that i would like to have a go at starting one myself. So here it is. I picked FC Oss as the team that i want to take to the top of the Dutch football. The reason for picking them is that they have a nice small stadium which i always prefer when i pick a club. I also dont remember them playing in the Dutch Eredivisie so they have it all to win. Another good reason is the province witch they are from (North Brabant) Is absolutley filled up with professional teams and i consider them the least well known club there. It is time for them to rise! Player Rules and Goals I can only sing player with the Dutch nationality in this save (First or Second doesn't matter) I am not allowed to extend the contract of any foreigners in my squad As far as goals i set for myself i would like to be te best team in North Brabant wich means i have to outperform the following teams: FC Eindhoven Helmond Sport RKC Waalwijk FC Den Bosch Willem II NAC Breda And ofcourse PSV Eindhoven If i can overtake PSV i will be among the top teams of Holland ofcourse so will see what happens then Database As this will be a one club save, i decided to only load the Dutch Leagues and players from top teams in Europe. Bringing the total database to about 25k players
  5. Will be following this. Dont see Romanian games that often
  6. Amazing results! Just read through the whole story ! Really awesome
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