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  1. We actually do say "Football Champagne" in France, meaning attacking and entertaining football as an equivalent to tiki-taka or total football I would say. On the other hand, glad to read your FM2020 edition of the Nearly Men challenge ! You're getting fantastic results so far with Reims and I look forward to seeing you lift the Champions League there.
  2. Yeah that went really messy. IIrc, the game was suopposed to be played a day before it was actually played but Ajaccio ultras prevented Le Havre's bus to reach the stadium. The game was delayed at first, then postponed. Still the game was played at Ajaccio home stadium the next day or so. Back to the pitch, the first player to score for Ajaccio is a former Havre player, and the Le Havre striker who equalized and scored the penalty after Coutadeur was sent off is on loan from Lyon, hence the Memphis Depay celebration. It ultimately went to the penalties and Ajaccio's coach, who's also been sent off, got to the pitch to talk to his players and chose the kickers. Ajaccio won and moved to the next round to play Toulouse, who finished 18 in Ligue 1, for promotion. They were not allowed to play at their home stadium due to sanctions. They lost both games and will still be playing in Ligue 2 next season.
  3. Hi @smp20! Weird appointment for sure, that's why I was surprised he was NT manager in the first place. His 1 in motivation makes me think that he fraudulently got there. On another hand, what did I say to make you think that I don't like Bastia? To be completely honest, I like the Ligue 1 as it is now irl with no team from Corsica. They're usually very hard-fighting, almost too aggressive teams which leads to tense matches and away teams players to fear injuries. This can also be quite tense with the local supporters and club personnel. It sometimes gets political, which is never good when it should stick to football. Recently, very dramatic and sad stuff happened during Ajaccio and Le Havre promotion playoff match. I could not find an article in English but the match resume gives a tiny bit of insight on what happened: http://www.espn.com/soccer/match?gameId=510814 I'm sure you can find one if you look for info about this match. Much more crazy stuff happened off the field. This is very extreme of course but that makes me feel that for now Ligue 1 is better without clubs from Corsica. Sorry for having gone off topic this far. I just felt that could interest some of you guys.
  4. Jean-Marc Furlan?... What the heck? What happened in your save in order for that to happen? Just caught up with everything I missed over the weekend: fantastic gifs mostly, some great regens as well. Highly entertaining stuff, good luck to you all!
  5. I'd say "J'en ai rien à faire si ça a l'air ridicule. C'est mieux qu'un p*tain de 4-4-2." By the way, the p-word is used in so many different situations it's a must-know (and the letter behind the * is a u). Anyhow, watching this thread as a Frenchman is hilarious, especially when there's a coach named Chauve De Frauduleux All the best to all of you for this challenge!
  6. Hey! I was wondering what happened after a good start as Stalin in your new save. Glad to see you back to business in Sweden! Best of luck! Also gg for bringing Zlatan into this!
  7. Fantastic success, congrats! Your team already looks like a winning machine. You should be a continental terror next season, if you can keep your players during the break.
  8. Tremendous results already. It seems that you've managed to build a good momentum with both Zulte and Holland. I hope you can keep it going. (PAOK second placed with a -9 GD! )
  9. This is already looking great ! Lots of young talent, an emotional roller coaster (cheers to your brother in law!) and a fantastic draw. Good to see that you brought back the interlocking diamonds plot! Good luck for this season !
  10. Wow! This was quite a story! This is my first post here as I tried to catch up for a long time now but never managed to get there before. Congratulations for all those titles, for carrying this save for such a long time and for your narrative talents as well. This was truly entertaining. Thank you for that and for the tactical lessons as well. Hakan and Gunnar did bring the best football all around the world. I'll definitely be looking forward to reading your next piece (edit: which I just started!) to see how you'll link it with this one. Best of luck for the future.
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