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  1. I am currently playing a season on last years version with Gillingham and am currently in the Premier League. I have quite a few players on loan. 1/3 of the way into a season one of my players received an injury and he was out for 7 months with a broken leg.... just thought this may be a coincidence baring in mind I had no notification of the injury. A few matchweeks later I realised that another one of my loanees had picked up an injury, so checked the status of the injury and it was another broken leg, with player being out of action for 9 months, also with me not receiving a message about this injury. To me this sounds like a glitch??? I’m hoping this does not keep happening!! After a few weeks another goes with no information regarding it!! This could be a real nightmare... Anyone experiences this or can help me out with this problem/ glitch? Cheers
  2. So have come up against another bug/ nuisance. I have been offering to loan out youngsters to other clubs. A club comes in for one of them but they want an option to buy at the end of the loan. I don’t want that option to not be available, so I untick it and then send it back to see if they ok it... then it comes back, ‘bla bla’ is going on loan to, ‘bla bla.’ So I say yes off you go. Then when it goes through it goes through as the original offer, where the buyout at the end of the loan is still displayed. Can anyone please tell me why this is the case? This has never happened in previous FMM games! Starting to really annoy me!
  3. When you have signed a player and you get the signing screen where you can post to Twitter.... is there anyway where these screens can be shown again?
  4. I would like to know a little more about the 9.2.1 update that came out the other day. Does the update that has all the changes to bug fixes etc.... effect an already same game? So if already in game will the bug fixes and other features come into play I’m already saved game? Or do you need to start a new game for this to be the case?
  5. When I first purchased FM2018 Mobile two weeks ago I started a season in League One and the first few subs in my first friendly on the game I made, were fine! Then tried to make some more, showed me they had been made under tactics but on the pitch they didn’t come on. At the end it showed they didn’t come on either! Reason? Because of this I haven’t bothered to play it ever since! Really want to get into it again, like previous seasons!
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