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  1. Any lower league experts willing to lend me a hand? I've taken on the job of a newly promoted BSS team and had to replace nearly the entire squad. Trouble is I have no idea if the squad is good enough to stand a chance of survival in the league or not. I would suspect not but it would be nice to find out I've uploaded my save because i don't want to get a screenie of every player if that's ok. If not just say, I'll put the work in! The file should be here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/fmpl9k Thanks in advance all.
  2. Hey all, I've built a squad up from scratch for the BSS but I really don't have a clue if its good enough to stand even a chance of surviving. I conceded 8 goals in two games so I suspect not . If any generous expert has five minutes spare would you take a look for me? I've uploaded my save here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/fmpl9k Thanks in advance to any takers.
  3. I really like posts like this, tends to quieten the haters a little bit. Looks like a perfect career there mate. You're certainly not a crap player if I'm anything to go by haha.
  4. Game 'Unavailiable'?

    Sorry if you've already tried it but close steam completely (by ending the process in Crtl Alt Del) and retry. Does the trick for me.
  5. I have a question, regarding my ass man's recommendations. At the start of my game my ass man reckons that my squad is capable of achieving what is required of them (avoiding relegation) and I notice he doesn't rate a single one of them below 4 stars. I know these ratings are usually relative to your entire sqaud and how each player compares to the sqaud as whole. My question is though: are my requirements taken into consideration at all when the players are rated? In other words are they rated highly because they can just about avoid relegation or just because they are all around a similar level, i.e. all rubbish. Looking around sqauds in the division seems to indicate that the ass man doesn't take my season requirements into account but I'm hoping someone can correct me. . .
  6. Yverdon 2 - 1 SC YF Juventus. Should really have beaten these even though it was away. They are favourites to go down (along with us).
  7. Just a quick update after finishing up my transfer business and playing my first game: Picked up a few bargains and released a good amount of deadwood, quite happy with my squad now really though truthfully I have no idea if they are good enough to compete in this league . My ass man seems to think so anyway. . . After my first game in charge, I'm not quite convinced. We were absolutely crap and were turned over at home with ease. Hopefully thats just a team gelling issue. . .
  8. Ok then here I am, the proud new manager of SC Young Fellows Juventus in the Swiss Challenge League. We play in the black and white stripes of our giant Italian namesakes and at the Utogrund with a capacity of 2850 (600 seated). My chairman has kindly provided me with just over £5K for transfers and allowed me around £300 a week leeway in the wage budget. work to be done. Good luck all!
  9. Nice one mate, will try and start tonight. I'll be going for Switzerland I believe.
  10. miles has just tweeted itll be less than 45 mins.
  11. Looks like I'll be loading either just Ukraine or Beligium and taking a team promoted to the bottom division after holidaying a year.
  12. How many saves per year do you make?

    Too many to count haha. This year I'll be making an effort to get into a real long term game.
  13. The FM11 Demo thread

    Just finished my first demo run. Playing as RC Strasbourg in the French National. Not too bad in the end sitting in third and on course for automatic promotion. I could have done a lot better though, I managed the team to six losses and three draws in this half season, not good enough for a team that were outrageous favourites in pretty much every game we played and were expected to walk to the title. Perhaps our slip-ups were understandable though, (if not forgivable) as you can imagine complacency was a big problem. I've seen enough and just pre-purchased on Steam. Roll on the 5th! | P21 | W12 | D3 | L6 |
  14. Must say I'm really looking forward to having a go at this on FM2011. I've never been brave enough before but I think it would be a real good game with DLR now implemented. I think I'll be trying my luck in the Ukraine if its still in the challenge. Not the toughest challenge on offer but more than hard enough for me!
  15. Dealing with complacency

    Yeah I think I definately need to be harder on them. I've been trying to play down our chances in press conferences etc but I'll be very hard to please from now on I think.