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  1. Incredible numbers from Leao. Why do you think he is so effective? Is it mostly the system or does he have some stand out stats that make him so suited for the role?
  2. Yeah, perhaps that would be fitting later on as the team develops and a greater playmaker amerges. Sort of a Philip Lahm in a sense. Inteligent, hard worker, but not great physically. Intrigueing idea!
  3. Thanks for answering so quickly. Very interesting that you say you would use him in the Dantas role. I would have thought his average vision, dribling and playmaker physicals (agility and balance) would have put you off having him as your deepest playmaker. But I suppose there is a risk playing with a playmaker like Dantas who does not have the greatest defensive abilities as your deepest midfielder and having Luciani with 20 WR and good defensive stats probably negates that risk, but providing a little less in attack. I guess Luciani might be what Sarri wanted Kante to be under him at Chelsea, a workforce with a lot better techical abilities.
  4. Hi Ozil. Long time reader and admirer of your threads. Playing with Rennes I got this unique regen that seems to me like a perfect "total" footballer. I would be very intrigued to hear your thoughts on how he could fit in your system or if he even would fit in. Switched to Arsenal and imediatly bought him in for a big money move. Sorry for bad english :).
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