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  1. Hi Tom! Any news about a new update version?? Greetings
  2. can you deactivate the second titlebar then in match screen then you click the minimize/maximize button can you make the top right button before 3-D match screen also blue-white (team tactics screen,...) like in all other screens. I hope you know what i mean now the forward buttons are white/grey - they dont look so good!
  3. Ah ok my fault. But can you deactivate the second titlebar then?
  4. Yes minimize/maximise button. with Version 1.55 it worked
  5. Hello Jack-great work! I installed new version 1.56 and in the 3D match then i cklick on the "size" button on the right buttom nothing happens. Have you deactivated this?? Please take a look! Thx
  6. Same problem - can´t continue pre-post match screen. there is no button! Great work Tom!
  7. can someone please give me a link where i can still download the soundpack?? Thx
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