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  1. Many "roles" are known to be more general roles with hard-coded PI's, i.e. BBM is CM(s) with roaming. But the mechanics behind some other roles are a bit more opaque, and I am never sure if there are any real differences. To bring this out of the abstract, the following are the roles which I have questions about; any clarification would be great. 1) False Nine: does the F9 have real differences in the ME, or is he just a DLF(s) who moves into channels and doesn't hold up ball? 2) RPM vs Regista: I've read comments on the forums which suggest that the Regista is more direct than the RPM. But the mentality is the same, both are playmakers, and the only PI difference is RPM has dribble more. As you can see below, on the PI screen below, the passing length visualizer makes it seem as if there is some truth to the 'Regista is more direct' narrative, but I do not know if this is merely the visualizer in conjunction with my team tactics, or if REG genuinely has an increase on passing length.
  2. I've also been experimenting a touch with this tactic in FM18. I had tried it more or less out of the (original) box in some past seasons with decent results but have started giving it a serious run this preseason, with some experiments/tweaking as I see how my team plays. My largest adjustment has been changing the duty of the AM player; I found that he was getting too far forward too quickly in the build up and have changed to AM(S) with Get Further Forward PI. With two rotation options who have the Comes Deep PPM, the AM(A) worked a bit better. I think this is may be an interesting option to employ in this set-up -- the PPM acting as a counterweight to the role/PI to strike a better balance in the AM's positioning. I've also been using WM(A) rather than W(A) for a lot of my wide players, as I don't always like the "runs wide with ball" PI, but I haven't noticed much of a difference. Having a lot of success so far, but it's early days, and it could be just a function of my squad. Future updates to (hopefully) follow
  3. Sorry, meant CF as in Center Forward not the role, should've clarified. I assumed from your writing (both here and the Barca recreation) that you train attackers with the CF role regardless of whether they may play there or not, e.g. training wide forwards as CF rather than IF for the spread of attribute development. If you're lacking strikers then that's obviously another consideration
  4. If so, why train wingers with Complete Forward if they will never be played at CF? My impression was that learning a new position made the player's CA weight attributes differently, i.e. weigh certain attributes more highly than they would be otherwise -- meaning that a retrain to a more 'foreign' position would have a strong impact on CA but a like-to-like retrain (left wing to right wing) or a similar position retrain (CM to DM, CB to SW, RB to RWB, etc) would have a minimal impact. Cracked open the editor to look at this and changing a CB's sweeper rating from 1 to 15 brought his 'recommended current ability' (I have no idea what this means) up by 2 but did not change his CA.
  5. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal!, I generally use very similar roles for training (CF/IF for attackers, RPM for midfield), but I tend to use Libero rather than BPD for CB's as it covers more physical attributes (pace and stamina in particular) as well as dribbling, which seems useful for building out of the back. What's your rationale for BPD > Libero, assuming player is already natural at CB?
  6. I have a few questions about how the game determines 'match experience' for youth development purposes. If anyone has any insight, feel free to chime in below. 1. Does the game distinguish between starts and substitute appearances? 2. Does the number of minutes a player plays in a game matter? i.e. is a 30 minutes substitute appearance more impactful than a 10 minute appearance Essentially, I'd like to know if 'match experience' is determined by number of minutes played or by appearances. And if the latter, are starts and sub appearances considered equal or different?
  7. I almost always use FB and add whichever PI's that I want. WB(A) has cross from byline, run wide with ball, and dribble more hard coded; I typically opt for FB(A) with cross from byline PI, as I don't particularly like the run wide with ball PI. Mentality is the same for same duty in the same strata, so I go for the role with the fewest hard coded PI's
  8. Leverkusen has been great. Great youth recruitment and some fantastic young prospects (Havertz, Brandt, Bailey, Henrichs, Akkayanak, Restos). Great save if you want to take a club from a solid/good top division team to a perennial European contender
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