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  1. Man, he is the only one who give advice when we answer him, that's not all about the skin, that's about the knowledge about panel/graphics (in my opinion) Edit; Not talking about standard panels/graphics
  2. Wow we give him 3€ for a game we played 100hours or more, are you jealous or what?
  3. Thanks for the answer, i've try the two solution (edit 80x80 to something else, and edit top inset) and nothing is working, there is no way to delete it? ^^
  4. Hello man, first of all thanks you for making this skin on FM19 (i paid the FM18 version) I've problem with the flag (because i'm using a flag pack) on the titlebar, it seems to be too high. Can you explain how to modify or just delete this?
  5. Hello, first thanks for your skin, it's superb. Can you explain me how to removes the boxes for the players attributs? (to get a non-boxes attribut) I've already delete the folder attributes from graphics->boxes->custom, but the colors stays white..
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