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  1. I tried to combine both of your files and it works! Thanks! Sorry for posting too much comments but I am new here and I have no experience.
  2. In the years when they should play Qualification and World Cup looks schedule national teams like this: In 2025: In 2026:
  3. World Cup is for me not available from the start of the game.
  4. I do not have enabled any other editor file. My file is in the year 2038 and any world cup and world cup qual. did not happen.
  5. World Cup does not show for me in the game and World Cup qualification too. Other competitions are showing me, but World Cup and WC Qualification not.
  6. Hello! I downloaded your file but for me in intercontinental playoffs in 2026 World Cup qualification no draw will happen and matches will not be played.
  7. Hello! I would like to know if there is any file that my Football Manager would have modified so that the World Cup from 2026 had 48 teams. I did not find any one that would work.
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