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  1. If I follow a thread and get notified of new posts by e-mail, it won't take into consideration spoiler tags (for example here, in the e-mail I got I just got all the text from the message, without the spoilers being hidden).
  2. I just did after your message, so you should probably have a look at your notification settings. Make sure to look below the "Save" button - there's a long list you can configure.
  3. Sorry - even though I think I had this thread followed, I didn't get a notification (by e-mail or by the forum notifications system). I'm not sure if I missed it earlier, or it wasn't available, but I didn't see the expanded notification settings (I only saw the upper part). It is now not greyed out and I can select my notification settings.
  4. There's a link in the message I quoted that directs me to this page: which is similar to the page you directed me to. I've tried editing the notification settings through the "Account Settings", but it is still greyed out.
  5. When I want to follow a forum or thread, the option for "A notification when new content is posted" is greyed out because "You cannot use this option because you have not chosen how the notification should be sent. Notification Settings". I've made changes to the notification settings, so I'm not sure what I'm missing?
  6. This should really go in the Russia data issues thread, really. However, from a quick Google search, it seems that when CSKA Moscow are playing in the Champions League, Natkho's kit actually reads Natcho ( for example, I saw other examples as well), so this seems okay.
  7. Raul Iberbia (ID 14020768)'s height and weight should be 1.75 M and 67 KGs respectively ( I've found other sources stating the same information (or very similar such as 1.74 meters high), so he's most likely definitely not 1.89 meters high and weights 83 KGs.
  8. Thanks for these. Are these reflecting real life competition formats?
  9. claassen - amazing work! Any chance for additional nations in Africa? Mali and Ivory Coast specifically?
  10. Not that I see why it bothers you, but for the files that I'm interested in - yes. That way when I open a new career game I know that I have the latest file version, and I don't have to re-download files.
  11. Out of curiosity, why not? It's the best way to ensure people have the most recent version of the file, and you'd be relying on the same servers that the game does (sort of).
  12. Is this available through the Steam Workshop?