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  1. So we happened to play each other again to day. First match against each other since i posted this. Crashed again after 20 minutes. Anything? It's clear a lot of people are having the same issue when playing online. EDIT: Just saw the "Under review" tag. Thank you.
  2. Just tested this with a friend. Normally he was playing 3D and I was playing 2D. Tried now where both of us where using 2D. Game still got stucked in around 50% of the times we tried.
  3. Hi, Me and a friend is almost done with our fifth season in an online game. It works perfectly besides when we have to play each other. We played against each other 16 times now throughout the five seasons, and around 50% of our matches the game will get stucked at some point. Here we are left with two options: 1. The host stays in game, as soon as the other player leaves the game the match will continue. It's not possible to re-join the game, and then the match, so the rest of the game the host will play against the NPC. Well great.. 2. Both leaves the game and we have to play the match over again. Even better... The game tends to get stucked when one of us/or both, is making tactical changes or substitution. Either by choosing "Tactics" or just by choosing the icon "Make Substitution". In almost five whole seasons we never experienced that the game will get stucked besides in our matches against each other. - We've both tried to leave the match, and then returning and choose "Play". - We've both tried to go to previous hightlights and then returning to "Live" - We've both tried to change the match hightlights from "Extended" to "Commentary only" and then back to "Extended again" None of the above was helpfull. Game was still stucked. Anyone got some helpfull advice, or is it just not possible to play against each other in onlinemode without getting stucked all the time, when you play each other?