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  1. Don't using a target man and shorter passing shout conflict with each other? I would not recommend picking a TM as you won't be able to capitalize on a target man's excelled areas such as controlling a long ball and holding it until team comes to support because with a possession football you try to play you don't play long balls at all and TM won't need to hold the ball because all your midfield will be on the opposition half as the TM gets the ball. Instead I would pick DLF or CF (if you can find appropriate player as it is a very technically demanding role) in support role and one of the mi
  2. I think a Regista would be better choice. AFAIK Roaming Playmaker mostly moves horizontally and Regista mostly vertically/direct.
  3. So I created a tactic while I was in school. I plan to play possession football. Mentality is control and structure is flexible as I think that structure should be found via trial and error method. I will use retain possession, prevent short gk distribution and play out of defence shouts. I am quite noob in this game and I appreciate all feedbacks. Thanks in advance.
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