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  1. ive not bought FM21 (not sure i will if im honest due to changes i simply hate) but i have most of the previous versions and i can assure you that people DO watch the full match as once the 3D full match was available i have always used it and never used 2D/highlights only.
  2. i know there has/is a pandemic taking place but seriously, these are headline features? Absolute tosh.
  3. nope, not a chance i will buy the next version or any other version, not without a complete re-write of the ME which we all know isnt gonna happen.
  4. well after that comment i can safely say i will never touch another FM for as long as you continue releasing them and FM20 is now uninstalled. Excellent way to treat loyal customers Neil, just excellent.
  5. nope, 20 is the last i will ever pay full price for as the game is simply never ready when its actually released. Id rather wait until its on special on Steam even if its 12 months later as at least by then, most issues will have been sorted (if SI actual decide to fix them).
  6. it wouldnt be the first game that had different versions released to the public under the same version number.
  7. Prior to the update i was on a 31 game consecutive scoring run, 21 match unbeaten, averaging 22 shots per game, seeing (and missing) loads of 1v1s (both sides). ...in 3 games since the update, ive not scored, drawn 1 (0-0) and lost 2, average 6 shots per game, not seen any 1v1s for either side, and strangely have had 4 red cards in these 3 games when i hadnt had 1 in the last 26. All the above with same tactics/formation etc. As to the official changelog..... improved 1v1 finishing - no idea, not seen any 1v1s tweaks to pks - no idea, not seen any pks. lowered fre
  8. a real manager wouldnt be on here asking for advice lol When i start a save its always with no badges, then pick a random country and then the lowest team in the lowest division. I then stick with that club until i either get sacked (very very rarely happens), or i get offered a job elsewhere. I then do as i mentioned and end up running 2 saves instead of 1. For me its not a case of not doing what a real manager would do or cheating etc. its more a case of `what if i joined/stayed`. It gives me more enjoyment out of the game as im not stuck in 1 save which sometimes can feel stale after
  9. save the game before you jump, then when at Dortmund save under a different name so that you could in effect go back and carry on your original save if needed.
  10. there is also another bug that exists if you start a LL amateur save. The board can be unhappy with signings due to the player been given a higher wage than they feel is necessary.......yet they dont get a wage because they are amateurs. There is an open bug report for it and up to now, it hasnt progressed into the board sacking me because of it.
  11. only 2 differences ive noticed - - defenders now react to long balls over the top instead of letting the forward run away. - the woody woodpecker sound has now gone.
  12. on the 2nd pic, it looks like you have it set to not show the matches. On the right next to the season date etc. where is the filter button which allows you to change this? is it removed because of 1 of your other responsibility settings?
  13. is it because 1 of your staff is set up to arrange them? If you go to the B team schedule page, at the bottom it says responsibilities, click that and there is a checkbox with something like `backroom staff arrange friendly matches`, un tick that to take control.
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