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  1. Do you use same Mac as I do? No I close all other applications when starting FM, It’s a fairly new computer possibly a CPU problem as you suggest.
  2. Hi all, Bought FM 2018 on my MacBook air 2017 back in November, purchased via Steam. However, I encounter a very loud fan noise coming from my Mac when starting up the game the noise and the heat of the Mac is further prominent when playing a match. This is the case with FM Touch 2018 also. I have taken the necessary steps such as ensuring my software is up to date, resetting the SMC and re-installing the game, I have even contacted Apple whom we’re somewhat struggling for ideas after going through the troubleshooting process. My question is basically, is there any further steps I can take? Is there an application/programme that I can run FM through? Would the use of Bootcamp via Windows the the best option? Interested to hear from those using FM 2018 on MacBook Air to come up with suggestions. Hope this can be sorted! Owen 😕
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