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  1. Any ideas/help with this? No one on Steam has been able to assist and nobody as replied here yet. There are other users with the same issue, so I'll be sure to spread the news far and wide to help folks, just need some myself...
  2. Hi all -- first let me say I know there are quite a few threads out there about this topic. I've tried basically everything to get this to work and it doesn't. I have the same issue most folks have when starting the game -- it spins for about 5 seconds, gives the DirectX error, and then doesn't work. I tried the resolution change, I've now uninstalled/reinstalled SIX times, I've tried running in compatibility mode, I changed the startup options, I changed my screen resolution, I deleted the CFG files, I've tried nearly every solution people have provided for this. Nothing is working. I would gladly appreciate some help -- I'm under the assumption there is something specific with my computer causing this not to load, but everything else works and has worked without issue.
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