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  1. Hello, Sega, here are a few changes I hope you implemet into your next game. Couple of things I’d love to see in future versions. 1. Social Media Feature: as we can see the picture, this feature will show you a comments, critics, praises, funny comments & even a pressure from everyone on the game. 2. Sponsorships Contract: increasing our in com with a duration, deals and unique deals. it'll makes the upcoming FMM 2019 as the most realistic FMM game ever. 3. Media Interaction: we would love to do any interaction with the media before and after match! 4. New Role False 9: this role just so flexible, as flexible as Messi did at Barça. 5. Squad Number: it'll be really good if we can decide our own squad's number, isn't it? But we only can see squad number in playable leagues only. We can see Messi's number, but we can't see Akinfeev's number. 6. World Manager of The Year Award: who's the best manager in the world except Guardiola & Joachim Löw? It's us, FMM 19 players! That's it for now, please take this into consideration, thank you for your time! I hope everyone here are agreed.
  2. Picture tells a thousand words. Check out this screenshot, there is no World Footballer of The Year Award after February updated.
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