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  1. It would be nice to see a page of every country with a table of the clubs with the most national titles
  2. Interesting, it's weird that "same board" doesn't have the owners of the club, can someone of SI maybe tell what it changes?
  3. Hi everyone, My question is if it's possible to change the colour of Q's (blue), Relegation (red) , Champion (green)? Because I find the relegation-play-off and relegation spot difficult to see, thanks a lot!
  4. Hi everyone, I assume this is still useable for FM20? Does someone know if you change the colours of the league table (Qualificiations (blue), Relegations (red), Champion (green)) with something like this? Thanks
  5. Does that mean that a PA still can change when they're younger? Thought the PA was always locked when a newgen arrives
  6. Just buy FMRTE, you change the hair colour with that, very weird that the Official FM didn't have this option, same like the Club Vision who has a bug since the beginning of FM20
  7. Hi guys, I became champions today with my club but normally they cheer in the middle with confetti (champions celebration) and make a round around the stadium, but now they just didn't do it. Someone know why this can happen? I played the last game of the Champion Play-Offs. But I didn't get it at the end of the regular season or anytime else.
  8. Hi everyone Sorry if this is in the wrong area. Can someone help me to get the logo replaced of Al Wehda Club (Saudi Arabia , club ID 106781) I really can't work with GIMP2 sorry, if you doing a project let me now maybe i can help
  9. How come that they changed this? If i buy FM16 now will i have all the updates automatically?
  10. Another bug that i found is that the World Cup doesn't repeat, it just stops after the first edition and it never refreshes, although everything is set to get it repeated
  11. Nice, it's weird that the European Championship needs to be remade cause it normally doesn't have any influence on the World Cup?
  12. Ok, but i need to redo the all the championships cause when you work with International Rules you start with 0 competitions filled.
  13. Oh ok thanks! So i need to merge them toghether in one file?
  14. Oh ok but with 23 it's fine too. Sorry for the many questions, is there maybe a file where all the international leagues are already included (editor file) or a list to see which international leagues are all inplace?
  15. I see that it's only 6 groups more (26), is it possible to get it to 32?
  16. Hi, Is it maybe possible to have more than 20 groups available (f.e. World Cup), is this hardcoded or can a Dev maybe change this or make a file where this is changed in? Thanks!
  17. I'm getting further in the progress, but now it's difficult to find the dates of the draw. Do you know where i could find this date? Searched for in a testgame but couldn't find it. Current progress for everyone who wants to help. 1238622365_Fileforcomparison.fmf
  18. So in the file that you posted, i only need to add the WC Qualifications? (+ Asian Cup, Copa America)
  19. Does someone know which region got hottest temperature of region?
  20. Big thanks for all your great work Gavren!
  21. Hi I'm doing a new career with RSC Anderlecht in the 2006/07 DB TheMadScientist. I made Belgium complete in a seperate file (25 players per club). RSC Anderlecht - 1908 - Belgium Start Line-Up
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