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  1. Hi, I was watching a match and suddenly the match turned black (don't know how to explain) , you can see stats but nothing of the match, hoped it was once but now it's every game.
  2. Really nice to see the bigger screen in the ME. One thing I don't get is why Egypte their Youth rating is 138 while Belgium only got 110?
  3. It's indeed only at Dutch. But Francs Borains is not an dutch translation of Seraing, it's just a totally different city, I bet this happened cause they mix together in 2014. But it's confusing to see now because in the 3rd League you also have a Francs Borains. I hope this can be fixed in Dutch. Thanks for getting back to me. I've upload a screenshot of the league table in dutch, with name "DutchSeraing" and I called the game file (to make it easy) DutchSeraing2. Other questions: - I also wonder why the Youth Rating of Belgium is only 110 and Egypt got 138 ?
  4. No that's a totally different city. I hope it will be changed cause it's defenitly a mistake
  5. Ok, thanks a lot for the good answer, he's indeed decent with a lot of 15's. About the translation issue, Francs Borains (city in a totally different area from Seraing). It's possible because they fused together in 2014, but they go by name of Seraing since then. In the 3rd division of Belgium you can also see a club named Francs Borains (Club ID: 527945) it's a new club. Hopefully you can change the short name of Club ID: 216 to RFC Seraing. https://sporza.be/nl/categorie/voetbal/eerste-klasse-b-proximus-league/
  6. Hi guys, first thanks for the improvements in the game, I've read the FAQ before the postand I know that there's a Editor for CA and PA for players, but there should be looked at Holzhauser from Beerschot for the next update, he's a lot better. Players who could been better: Joris Kayembe (Chaleroi) => stronger and better first touch , Gholizadeh (Charleroi) => more flair and agility One thing that is a bug is Seraing RFC (in the second division) is named as "Francs Borains", while it's Seraing RFC
  7. Is it possible to remove the black frame around the name in the match? In FM20 it only gave a white name but the black around does annoy me a bit. Thanks for the great game
  8. Sadly I can't post anything in the post, there's no window at the bottom like here
  9. I'm most happy that they're more professional this year, searching more developers for the ME, if they can update this in the next editions that would make this game perfect
  10. Very happy so far with the game guys, it's since FM15 that I had this fun, but only playing for 5 hours so my opinion is on going
  11. Hi FrazT, thanks for getting back to me, will this being updated in the next updates? Goodevening and very happy so far with the game
  12. Hi guys, I tried to post this is at this page below but I couldn't post anything in it. Zinho Vanheusden from Standard Liège is injured for +7 months and in the game he's fit, injury happened 2 weeks ago.
  13. It's sad that Messi and Ronaldo never score more than 25 goals since Football Manager 2016
  14. Bit frustrating that you make "the celebration cup" one of your features... For something that you only see for 3 seconds. Hope the ME will get improved from the demo to the original game cause it looks exactly the same
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