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  1. Lol in my case the player did a single run from his own box to the other and scored, and the goal was called offside, what a joke... Sad this happens so many times and if you try to upload it you need to make an account first...
  2. Hi, Can someone explain how you can change the number of countries at the FM Editor? Can't really find it. Thanks
  3. I noticed you can change with the FMRTE editor, the mass edit , you can change single players or groups or whatever you want, so you don't have to go change their PA one by one. Made the standard around 160, so i get to see better football and watchable football in lower divisions
  4. Exactly! Why can't just one person of SI understand this
  5. Thank you so much man, really appreciate you took the time!
  6. Ok thanks for solving it!
  7. Damn that looks really brilliant, is there any lag with it coming? I saw that the second link is from fm17, that doesn't work with FM 19 right? Can you make screenshot of a regen if it's possible?
  8. Hi i saw someone having a skin where you can see the jersey of the player too, never saw this, does someone know this one? You can see the screenshot below.
  9. Thanks a lot man, i've been trying to get this for days, in the past i used GIMP but that doesn't seem to workout anymore. Thanks again man!
  10. Thank you so much man, real appreciate it big time! Is it maybe possible to get the small logo too? (sorry for being annoying but than it would be perfect)
  11. Hi, I want to change the orange of the logo of the Wolves, i made the orange purple but when i save the file it shows the whole the square, like you can see in the picture. Can someone please help me with making this transparant? Cause i fail to do it with several programs (GIMP,..) . The purple outside the logo should be removed but i don't know how. Thanks
  12. I'll try some teams in Somalia. Made it my test country
  13. Hi Bedese, thanks for taking contact. I just simulated the save for 8 years and it's seems to get better now. 11 players above 180 PA for 1 year is good with this setup i think. But still not many Belgians above 180, but it's maybe good to have some realism. I'll try to put the youth rating of all countries to +160 and try to simulate than. Greetz
  14. Thanks, but i with his experiment you see he doesn't go above 165 with youth rating, you see there are also no players above 160...
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