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  1. Any info on this? Numbers aren't like in real life
  2. I love the paper (Official Game Selection) nice done! Best edition since FM15 (but they are all good)
  3. Hi i tried to search a player in FM Editor 2021 but it only gives V-signs without persons, unable to click on anything. Tries deinstalling but same problem, I also got a windows sound before FM editor 2021 opens, maybe it's got something to do with?
  4. Hi, Some weird thing happened today, I opened my Football Manager Editor 2021 and when I try to search a player everything is blank after the v-sign. I've got an error sound of windows before the editor opens. picture below.
  5. Surely I knew that a long time, I've been playing this for over 10 years... Every year I got a lot more of Egyptian talents than Belgian ones, you can't really deny that.
  6. Hi, I wanted to know why Egypt got a youth rating of 138 while Belgium only got 110 ? I wonder why this is been the same for years and never gets updated ?
  7. Hi, My In-Game Editor is always on yes, even when I start a new game and go tot status it says that I use it, even when I turn off the button of In-game editor. I don't use any other in-game editor outside of the original one, also not clicked on any editor file.
  8. Hi maybe will be fixed in another update but this wasn't fixed in the last update, just to reminder.
  9. All right that seems fair, love the game so much so I wanted it to be as realistic as possible, thanks for your response
  10. In real life there would be way more moroccons and from DR Congo and Italia, if you watch every belgian club their youth in real life this would be all way more
  11. Sadly there are still hardly any newgens with a second nationality in Belgium. I've posted this a month ago in the forum where they told me to post it, but not even an answer. Bit sad that people who follow the rules (posting in the right folder) don't even get an answer.
  12. Still no news about this? Previous edition this was fixed in one of the updates but still nog changes... Would be nice to see an answer
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