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  1. Hi It's a small problem but already occured in FM19, the yearly Golden Shoe has a bug because the point system is not right, in the previous editions it was always +300 points for the winner but now it only gets to 15 or something, so mostly the top 3 are just average players who aren't even favourite and not in the list of both of those seasons.
  2. Is the stadia version very different than the steam version?
  3. Hi, I saw today that a club poached my player (Diagne 2.0), can someone tell me how i can poach a player of a other club? Mostly they ask ridiculous amounts and they seem to get my player for barely nothing without i having to tell them anything. Does someone know this?
  4. I guess this problem is back again cause i have only 2 (!) newgens with a second nationality in Belgium for all the teams... Please search this out SI.
  5. Hi, Does someone know if it's possible to make an BeNeLiga without replacing all Belgian or Dutch teams in each country? I mean an competition based of 2 countries?
  6. The colour of my team is black and blue... To be honest, this don't look more realistic than the crowd in FM19?
  7. More variety is indeed realistic but not 50% wearing brown or orange, nearly seeing this in any stadium, maybe if it was black and white instead of brown and orange it would be a better view. But no hate just want to say i find it a bit weird.
  8. Like more than 50% of the crowd wearing orange or brown jackets, like if you have a team with, for example blue colours, half of them wear brown or orange jackets.
  9. Why is the crowd colour still so messed up, started a topic about it like one month ago, nearly got any answers and yesterday you released an update and still didn't changed this, this is getting pathetic sorry.
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