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  1. Er, what makes you say that? Sounds like you know exactly what i'm talking about... To be honest i'm just wondering have you fallen behind on your maintenance and taking it out on the solids? If you have - shame on you. Surely you could pay 5p for a Chupa Chup?
  2. grkmori - that's it. Clearly through real life experience the class from the father moves genetically through hereditary means, so regens should surely capture this?
  3. Is this factored in? Just wondering, as all solids are genetically disposed to class? Without pursuing, we all deserve the upscale on a ratio of 5:1.
  4. Understand Fraz closing the shaving one, but I think this is pretty relevant. Anyone who knows TV would of seen the nivea ads - Liverpool kiddies. Main reason i've been told they were in it (1st hand) is that they are seriously speeding up and properly feeling the effects of shaving/waxing big time. Surely we need to consider Masseur input into the game? And properly get this effective
  5. That's obviously full body hair. Could be a wax as well
  6. Should this be included in future atts? Just thinking back to Paolo Di Canio, he claimed about Aero-Dynamicism. Surely if there's some beast in the squad, aka Henderson, Lingard etc, get a +1 pace att if shavo?
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