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  1. Until now, everything runs clean, had to delete a few files, as the start of the FM an error http://www.meistertrainerforum.de/index.php/topic,25029.0.html came. The error message comes when you have too many database files installed. Lt. Classen max. 234 files, but that never worked for me. That's why I slimmed it down. Replaced the Austria and Germany files included in the download with the new ones from here. I left all the cup files in and the countries that interest me. A total of 99 files. According to Classen you have to pay attention to the following: The files "Concacaf league" and "Concacaf Champion's leagues" work with the 7 Central American updates + CFU Championship + Mexico, for 100% reals continental qualifications. So, for an optimal use of the "Concacaf League" and "Concacaf Champion's League" files, you must select the updates: "Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Panama, Nicaragua, Belize and CFU Championship" (in playable or non playable) If this 9 updates are not in the folder "editor data", then the files "Concacaf league" and "Concacaf champion's league" wants to work badly or will not work. Central American countries, "Concacaf champion's league" and thus keep the original competition.
  2. hello PikaBen first sorry for my bad English .. try times please only a maximum of 224 countries in the folder editor to copy data. And then in the game under 18.3.3 you choose only the 224 countries the other you do not use please delete. and then post again a picture of the choice whether all 224 countries are displayed correctly.
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