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  1. Good job getting Dwamena in, he's starring for me in my Zurich save. You should have a pretty good shot at retaining the title with that level of talent, but looking through Basel the other day, they're seriously impressive compared to all others in the Swiss league. It's actually a really cool league to manage in, too. Zurich aren't the greatest, but I quite like the small squad and there are some good athletes in there. Dwamena is the star man, and even though Marchesano starts injured, he's a really fun player once he's up and going. I'm running with a 4-3-3 system, with 3 CMs, two wingers and and a centre-forward. It works well, because Zurich have good midfield options and, though Marchesano is an AMC, he can play deeper as well. I've also got the AMR locked into an AP-S role, so I'm re-training him to be able to fill in there as well. Dwamena is excellent up top, and Adrian Winter, despite looking pretty average, is starring in the AP-S role. We're currently in the mid-table area, but as is always the case with such a small league, we're only a point or two off second (Young Boys are running away with it). Also, you mentioned Aebischer. How's he looking? My scout really likes him, but my scout kind of sucks, so I'm not completely sure what to make of it. Might try to bring him in on loan if he's any good.
  2. Thanks mate. Yeah, defending is tricky, so much so that after a 0-0 draw with Bolton (I think it was Bolton) I've been sacked. Starting another C'ship save though, this time with Fulham. Have had a closer look at the squad this time, and after the defensive problems with Leeds, I'm going to run with a 442 with two deep DMs. This should work, because Fulham have pace all over the show. That means I can set up the front four to be speedsters, and I'll have a sitting DM and either a DLP or REG to ping long balls up the pitch. Hopefully we'll get the defence a bit better this time, and it might go a little more smoothly.
  3. Just a quick update on my Leeds save. After a draw to Bolton - which involved 3 clear cut chances being missed - and a loss to Fulham, we've slipped down to 11th. Promotion is still doable, because we're only 4 points away from 6th, but the board is losing patience. The tactic itself seems to be good, but we concede heaps of goals from opposition corners. Will check the forums for some corner routines, because the default ones clearly aren't great (or maybe my players aren't great at defending them). If we can sort that out, I think it should go alright. Elsewhere, the board has lifted scouting restrictions following a request, and after being offered 5m for Tyler Roberts, I snapped up Paredes from the American league for 4m. My scout thinks he has 5-star potential, but we'll see how he goes when he eventually arrives.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions, appreciate it. I actually watched Alakouch when Nimes played PSG recently, and he had an excellent game, so it would be cool to get him on board. I just got through the transfer window, but I didn't strengthen at RB so he might be one to look at. As for signings, I ended up with Batth from Wolves for about 2m. He's a good, strong CB who happens to be pretty ordinary on the ball, but a big step up from what we've got. I also signed Kevin Long, another CB, on loan from Burnley, who will probably start alongside Jansson. His anticipation is a bit of a worry, but he's good everywhere else. My other defensive signing was Holebas, who I got on loan after Watford transfer listed him. Elsewhere, my other permanent deal was Mikkel Duelund. He has a long way to go, but his technical stats are excellent for a young AM and my scout likes his potential. He will be added to the rotation, and because we play 4-2-3-1, he'll get opportunities on the left on through the middle. As for the save, we're still in 6th position. It's not bad considering how poorly we started, but it's tough to keep the momentum rolling along. The new signings should help a lot though, and if we can get Cutrone back in form, we should be able to stay in the play-off spots.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdMkK2-IAYB5VfgOmgMan1g - nice youtube channel for some tactical theory sort of stuff.
  6. Thanks mate, will definitely look into those guys. As for the save itself, it's been a bit of a slog. Tried a few different tactics, both defensive and attacking, but we've finally settled on a couple of 4231s (one with DMs and one with CMs). Leeds has been a little tough to get sorted out, largely because Pablo Hernandez has been in horrible form. That meant I needed to adjust things, so the AP on the left flank is now out of the equation, even though it should've worked nicely with Saiz in the AM slot on even in a deeper CM role. The defence is tricky too, as the FBs get beaten a lot and the CBs aren't good enough apart from Jansson. Now, though, it's coming together. We're in the hunt for the promotion spots, just a couple of points outside. Our tactic is mostly possession based, and it's all about using Saiz as an AP and Alioski as an IF-A. It's creating some nice combinations, so we'll try and build the team around it. It's the mid-season transfer window now too, so time to make some defensive acquisitions.
  7. Both CBs and FBs at the moment, so any suggestions would be appreciated.
  8. Starting with Leeds, and after trialling some pretty ordinary tactics, I think the 4-2-3-1 (with 2 mids in the DM slots) is looking decent enough. The main worry is the defence, as it really isn't suited to much at all (not good enough to defend deep and certainly not quick enough to defend high). Should be interesting trying to find the balance at the back, but with two deep mids, hopefully that will be enough to make up for it now. Any ideas on good defensive signings at Championship level, btw? I signed Batth from Wolves for 2m (good, strong defender but poor on the ball) but some additional numbers would certainly help.
  9. Idea came from anorthernboy's post (below) in the Salah thread. Roles and duties are different, but the shape is the same.
  10. Thanks. I didn't try either of those roles actually. I thought inside forward might not work as well on the right, mainly because he's a right-footer. RMD actually sounds like a really good option from the in-game description, it could work well for him because he's quick, good off the ball and it would encourage him to keep it simple in possession. Still have to try out a few of the more exotic roles in FM, it's really only Mez that I know well for now, although the Car role is working okay in the tactic above.
  11. Well, this is basically a thread about how I got the best out of Inaki Williams at Athletic Bilbao, and hopefully then hearing about how you guys work on getting the best out of your own players. It took most of the season for me to get Inaki going, but after playing him as an inside forward on the left and a flat winger on the right, eventually I decided he was a forward. To come to this conclusion, I spent time trying him in positions that just weren't helping him out. He's super quick, with elite-level pace and acceleration, and though his off the ball is good and he's determined, many of his other mental attributes are just alright. Technically, too, he's just okay for a top level player. He has a lot of stats between 11-14, but nothing really beyond that. So, when I used him as an inside forward, he would be getting the ball in congestion too often. That not only meant he wasn't getting to use his pace, but also that things often broke down due to his reasonably ordinary technique and decisions in tight spaces. He was better on the wing, beating guys and then sprinting to the byline, but again, his spotty crossing meant that he wasted the ball a bit. That brought about a move up forward, and with his speed, I thought that he should focus almost entirely on getting onto the end of through balls. I didn't want him engaged in pretty passing exchanges, because he would probably cock them up. I wanted him breaking in behind and getting on the end of things, maybe whipping in the occasional cross for someone else as well. That led to the shape below, which is essentially my former 433 with Inaki shifted to an AF(A) position. In this sense, he's still, to me, a right- winger, just one who doesn't track back and doesn't bother with much build-up play. Instead, he's an out-and-out goal scorer - a little like Salah at Liverpool but without the overall technical ability. Of course, pieces needed to be juggled to sort this out. I'm not really sure about the CAR role, but the description of shuttling/covering for Inaki and De Marcos behind him, a fullback on WB(A), seemed feasible. The other flank, meanwhile, has guys who can link up quickly in tight spaces and pass it around with the other striker - a dlp. That means one side is more tiki-taka in style and the other is just pure directness. The balance has worked well so far, and yeah, there a still things to iron out, but it's kind of fun to see Inaki playing to his potential. He has been banging them in since the change, with 7 goals in his previous 6 games and an assist or two as well. The team has clicked too, with wins over At. Madrid and fierce rivals Real Sociedad, so Inaki's improvement has been really useful late in the season. For me, this just kind of highlights the way you get better in the game. You might be **** to begin with, but if you watch how your players go about it, you'll eventually be able to make changes that allow them and the team to lift. I think I've tried about 10 or so different tactics this season, and most of them have been pretty ordinary, but they've all been helpful in the sense that you get a feel for what works. I should also mention that Inaki still isn't perfect, and he still cocks things up. He just gets things right more often now, and that's really what tactics are about - maximising strengths and accounting for weaknesses. Anyway, that's about it. Just wondering how you guys have gone about getting the best out of individual players in your teams. Also, thanks to the contributors to the Salah thread on here for giving me the idea to play a right-sided AF
  12. It's easy to try too many things. In my current Athletic Bilbao save, I've tried about 10 tactics in the first season, mainly because I've been trying to get the best out of Raul Garcia. It's only been recently that I've chosen to go back to something basic. first up, I just picked a formation that suited the team. 4231 worked on paper, so I ran with it. Next up, I tried to think of roles that would give us options in attack. So, on the left wing, I have an inside forward and a FB on attack to go up on the overlap. Then, through the centre, there's an AP in the No. 10 position and a CM on support to help with getting some passing combos going on the left side of the field. There's also a DLP on defend to hold his position while the CM on support gets up higher. on the other wing, it's just a winger who runs along the touchline and hits crosses. The FB behind him is more conservative and doesn't get up into the final third a lot, so whereas the other wing is ultra aggressive, the right side is pretty basic and more conservative. The striker is just an AF who leads the line, and the CBs are just normal on defend duties. That's kind of how I thought through it. One on wing, there's more link up. On the other, it's just a direct winger feeding crosses into the box. The idea is to have a couple of routes to goal, as well as ensuring there's enough balance between defence and attack. Like the others said, I also kept TIs to a minimum as well. That's a good way to start, as you can then assess whether you need to alter things after seeing how it works out on the field.
  13. Great thread, joined specifically to say excellent job with it. Just a question: Is there a difference between ticking retain possession with mixed passing or just playing with short passing? The passing length bar seems to end up around the same spot, so I'm just wondering whether one has additional byproducts or are they essentially the same? Thanks.
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